6 things to do before embarking on your fitness journey

Exercise Ball - Photo Credit keepon i
Exercise Ball - Photo Credit keepon i

As I prepare to embark on my first ever 28 Day Fitness Plan I feel the need to prepare myself for the coming 4 weeks. My final weekend has arrived so now is the time to get myself sorted. Here are the top 6 things I’m going to do this Easter Weekend.


A fitness instructor once told me that after a short burst of exercise I shouldn’t be gasping for water. I should be drinking the recommended daily intake of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration during exercise. Of course it is important to have a bottle on standby and sip it during my workout too. So tip number one is hydration. I decided to buy an infuser bottle so I can add a slice of lemon and ginger. Not only does it make drinking water easier, it can also help with bloating. Win win.

The Water Story - Photo Credit Konstantin Stepanov
The Water Story – Photo Credit Konstantin Stepanov


This weekend I’m going to ensure that i get enough sleep. Early to bed, early to rise. Last weeks blog mentioned early mornings now that the weather has improved. The bright mornings mean getting up early is easier. Plenty of time to fit in a morning workout.

Shopping list

My shopping list has been written with a little help from my instructor. He told me what foods will be recommended during the 28 Day Plan. The list is bursting with fruit, veg, protein, white meat, fish and healthy fats. Making a shopping list and sticking to it means preparing for my meals will be easier and I won’t run out of food and be tempted to order a Dominos.

Meal prep like a boss

Prepping meals has become a phenomenon in recent times. My Instagram feed is bursting with tuber-wear and counter-tops loaded with healthy food. Sunday evening will be spent prepping my meals. Most cooked food can be frozen so after a busy week in work and college preparing meals won’t be a chore. Easy-peasy.

Meal Prep 1 - Photo Credit taz + belly
Meal Prep 1 – Photo Credit taz + belly
Meal Prep 2 - Photo Credit flippinyank
Meal Prep 2 – Photo Credit flippinyank

Kit out

These days sports gear has become a fashion statement. Having good quality and comfortable exercise gear can equal a confident, effective workout. Depending on the type of sports, look out for specific runners (running runners for example), thermals (for outdoor sports), proper equipment (boxing gloves if joining a boxing/kick boxing class) and so on.

Treat yourself

A specific food and exercise plan may be quite strict when it comes to treating yourself. However, in order to stay on track I do believe it is important to enjoy a cheat meal every now and again and enjoy post workout treats. By this I don’t mean over-indulging but there are ways to incorporate healthier cheat meals into a diet. I may also enjoy an Easter Egg Sunday 🙂

So that’s my plan. If you are not feeling that motivated yourself check out these tips. And remember, Summer is on the way!

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