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6 incredible plant-based menus to find in Dublin & London

Photo by Frames For Your Heart from Unsplash.

In the vibrant streets of Dublin and London, a culinary revolution is on its way: plant-based cuisine. As the world is becoming more conscious about what they put on their plate, plant-based cuisine has developed quickly over the past few years, leading to a new sustainable diet. London and Dublin stay at the forefront of this new cuisine and are reinventing classics, where even the greedier about meat would give it a go. Coming from France where it was difficult to eat in restaurants where the traditional food is either meat or fish-based with cheese, settling in Dublin and London has been a life changer for me. It allowed me to eat outside more often without worrying a second about what was on my plate. I have discovered plenty of delicious cuisines thanks to plant-based restaurants, allowing me to open my mind more about food. Whether you are a convinced vegan or a curious omnivore, these 6 recommendations will make your mouth water.

1. Dublin, Sano Pizza, Pizza “V1”

Located at the heart of the vibrant Irish capital in the Temple bar area, Sano Pizza proposes two vegan pizzas on its menu. The “V1” pizza, composed of a basil pesto base, vegan cheese, red semi-dried tomato, cauliflower, potatoes and olives is the perfect combination for an enjoyable and satiating meal. The mix of flavours between the vegetables and the pesto base, combined with a wood-fired pizza dough, is so well balanced that you will ask for more.

2. Dublin, The Saucy Cow, The Big Wap Burger

Known for its dirty vegan food, The Saucy Cow is the best place in Dublin to get a delicious melty meaty burger. Among their five different burgers, The Big Wap is by far my favourite. Their smashed juicy patty resembles meat, with all the plant-based food advantages. Combined with an incredibly fake plant-based cheese, and a delicious burger sauce on their toasted sesame bun, this is indubitably the place to go for a night out!

Photo by Xhemi Photo for Pexels.

3. Dublin, Umi Falafel, Pocket Falafel

The Lebanese chain available across Dublin and Belfast is a must-go-to if you don’t have time for lunch. With its varied menu going from falafel wraps to stuffed wine leaves, Umi Falafel is the place to go for a healthy satiating meal. Their pocket falafel varies from a range of vegetables you can choose, from up to four. Including pickles, tomatoes, fresh cucumber or aubergine, accompanied with a delicious tahini sauce and crunchy falafels, the pocket falafel goes perfectly with their Lebanese tabouleh which has sour lemony notes. The kindness of the staff in Mary Street will make you want to come again!

4. London, Keren View, Eritrean Food

Located on Holloway Road in North London, this small restaurant will bring new flavours to your taste buds. Similar to Ethiopian food, Eritrean dishes are composed of lentils, okra, spinach and potatoes, accompanied with injera, a sour fermented pancake. The owner will give you the best advice on what to try in this east African restaurant.

5. London, M’eat the Vegans

Located at the heart of Camden Town in London, M’eat the Vegans will convince even the most dubious about plant-based food. Their cuisine is multicultural. They propose Indian, Oriental, Mexican, American and Caribbean cuisine. Their Caribbean vegan curry goat is the best fake meat I have ever had, making me doubt I was in a vegan place. Get ready for a taste bud bonfire. With every crunchy, golden bite, it’s an experience you won’t forget!

6. London, Mildreds, Chocolate Cake

Photo by Héloïse Chaudot for

Mildreds is a chain of plant-based restaurants implemented all across London. Discovered by chance while I was walking with my friends in central, this restaurant is now my favourite chic address to eat quality food at a reasonable price. Being allergic to eggs, and tending to go towards a vegan diet, this restaurant has allowed me to finally enjoy desserts after 22 years of existence. Their chocolate cake is perfect to put a sugary end touch to your dinner. Surprisingly not as dry as all the cakes I have tried in my lifetime, the flavours of this cake are perfectly balanced.

With a range of innovative dishes and tasty options, these cities cater to vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who loves food. From creative dishes to classic favourites, there’s food for everyone. So, whether you’re in Dublin or London, there’s something delicious waiting for you to discover.

Write in the comments which are your favourite vegan dishes from around the world!

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