6 the facts of having long-distance relationship

Communication Tools - Flickr Microsiervos
Communication Tools - Flickr Microsiervos

There are a lot of articles write about long distance relationship such as how to maintain a long-distance relationship? Or some best tips on making a long-distance relationship work. However, this article is focusing on another aspect of long distance relationship is disillusionment.

Long-distance relationships are a more and more frequent phenomenon. With advancing globalisation, when people from various countries meet all around the world, with increasing business travelling and studies abroad or online dating sites, the number of couples who maintain long-distance relationships increases.

1/ You can not even trust on skype

Having a long-distance relationship that means you might not have seen your partner very often, therefore, sending photos or calling Skype is the most common communication method. Everybody know that by using camera 360 photo edit free, we can not trust 100 hundred percent on what you have seen from partner’s photos. There is the significant difference between photo’s image and real person. In addition, you should not even trust on Skype, because whether you have been talking to each other every day for hours, you still be shocked when you meet in person. The best advice you should look at more partner’s pictures and have skype’s calling with the different angles and different situation.

Communication Tools - Flickr Microsiervos
Communication Tools – Flickr Microsiervos

2/ Misunderstanding
Some couples shared that they used to have an excellent communication and sweet conversation before they decided to meet up in real life. Although, you thought you have matched up 100 percent while you were talking with your partner via the internet. There is also a big unpleasant surprise when you communicate with a partner in a real situation. It is rather easy to understand that when you were calling Skype or texting SMS, you just see that person in the same situation ( she/he is just laying on the bed). You have no idea about her/his character. You did not know how their reaction to the real situation.

A long distance relationship - intrigue
A long distance relationship – intrigue

3/ Financial costs
Keeping in touch costs money, whether you spend it on the phone bills or travelling expenses when you want to visit your partner in a foreign country.

Travelling expenses - Flickr josephdepalma
Travelling expenses – Flickr josephdepalma

4/ Time invested
Every relationship needs time spending. However, you have to spend a lot of time on maintaining a long-distance relationship. You could have been calling for partners every day around 3 hours.

Phoning - Flickr Travis Nicholson
Phoning – Flickr Travis Nicholson

5/ Trust/ Loyalty
Trust or loyalty is priority value of a long-distance relationship. Because you could not be with your partner in real life, the partner’s loyalty is depended on her/his own choice. You can not control what your partner is doing or who they are with. All things are based on the message.

6/ Unexpected breakup
Having a long-distance relationship you might have to accept about an unclear future. There is no clear commitment between the couples. For any problems happen, one of them could easily to give up the relationship. The way to cancel the relationship often communicate over the phone, and one or both partners only want to avoid confrontation and emotional pressure the break-up induces.

Love-breakup -PhotoCredit ebstar

Love-breakup -PhotoCredit ebstar

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