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6 Common Foods You THOUGHT Were Gluten-Free


There are many items in the local supermarket that you would assume are naturally gluten-free and would therefore buy. Bread, pasta, dough, and batter are obviously not gluten-free unless they’ve been specially made. But for the less obvious products, ensuring your knowledge of what is in every ingredient you add to a meal is vital.

There are so many sauces, marinades, and meats that you would expect to be gluten free if you are new to the Coeliac world but which in fact contain wheat, barely or gluten. The Circular spoke to Amanda Jenkins, a Coeliac living in Dublin, she said; “I was diagnosed about a year ago and am still getting to grips with the idea of eating 100% gluten-free. I still slip up and buy things that I always had before, assuming they’re suitable. It’s easy to avoid buying bread and pasta but I love to cook, so checking every single ingredient in every single recipe has become part of everyday life. It’s the type of thing that I think will take years for me to master, it takes a lot of patience and research in some cases.”

See below for 6 examples of food you would think are gluten-free but in fact are not:

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