6 beauty trends that should have stayed in 2016

In an age of countless beauty bloggers who are all trying to outdo one another, and constant attempts to slow down the natural ageing process, unique beauty trends constantly come and go. Here are some of the the strangest beauty trends made famous by the internet.

Vampire Facial

The Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) or ‘vampire facial’ is a procedure in which your blood is taken, the cells are separated and then injected back in to your face. It is a messy job where your face is covered with your own blood.

While it may look like you’re about to film a scene for a horror movie, PRP  is proven to be effective in smoothing the skin and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It has been used for years but was recently popularised when Kim Kardashian uploaded a selfie to Instagram of herself receiving the procedure.

The Laser and Skin Clinic in Dublin, Mullingar, and Athlone offer the facial for €495 per treatment.

Foot Contouring

For many, contouring is an essential part of their makeup routine. With just a couple of products and tools you can casually adjust your bone structure.

People have gone to another level with the trend and have started to contour their feet. It is not that surprising considering there are also tutorials on neck, torso, bum, and leg contouring – we have just been sculpting our way down to the feet.

Contouring requires a considerable amount of effort – a reasonable amount of effort to put into your face, but maybe too much effort to put into your feet?

If all you want in life is skinny insta-worthy feet, here’s how:


 100 layers challenge

There are millions of makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and nail tutorials on YouTube, which makes it  difficult  for beauty vloggers to stand out from the crowd.

This is where the 100 layers challenge comes in – what would happen if you applied 100 layers of foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, fake tan, fake nails, or hairspray all at once?

The videos are kind of disgusting but fascinating to watch.

The trend expanded since the first video in summer 2016, with videos of people wearing 100 layers of clothes, applying 100 layers of crayon to their lips, and covering their body with 100 layers of hair removal wax (ouch).

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Another weird online challenge – this trend became  when the youngest Kardashian sister admitted to having lip fillers after denying it for months.

This challenge involves sucking air through a small cup, like a shot glass until your lips temporarily swell up and look huge.

It’s not recommended though as the challenge damages lip tissue, collagen and elastin.

Kylie herself got involved after videos of people with severe bruising, blistering , and torn skin due to the challenge surfaced online.

 Pizza Makeup Remover

There are many natural foods that can be doubled up as cleansers/make-up removers – olive oil, cucumber, milk.

One, not so organic or healthy sounding is pizza grease.

While eating her lunch, Kelsey Steigman, a beauty editor for Seventeen magazine discovered that the grease from the pizza worked surprisingly well as a lipstick remover.


The grease does remove the lipstick but collecting enough to clean your whole face everyday would probably require you to eat pizza everyday for every meal (no complaints here).

Fake Freckles

Ginger hair teamed with a freckly face is one of the  main Irish stereotypes – last year the typical Irish complexion was a hot beauty trend.

A website called Faux Freckles sells palettes with strips you can press on your face to achieve a ‘fresh faced look.’ They retail from $24.99.

The trend went viral after beauty blogger Donielle Campopiano uploaded a video to Instagram of her applying the strips to her nose.

After the success of Donielle’s video more brands of freckle strips cropped up, cosmetic companies began to sell freckle pencils so you could draw them on yourself, and some committed people even got freckles tattooed on their face. Bizarre.

Beauty trends are only getting stranger.

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