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Is Veganism For You? No pressure, like.

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When we hear the word vegan, we tend to close our ears to any of the words that follow it. It’s a word for people who need to be different and for you to know it. It’s a word for people who can’t live in moderation and need to go to the extreme. Veganism is a lifestyle for people who don’t know how to enjoy life.

Maybe, just maybe, this is a word for you, too. Read these 5 signs that you might be a green-freak as well! Prepare yourself for the ‘grass for dinner’ jokes.

1. You want to lose weight

You should go vegan if you want to lose weight. There are plenty of vegans who eat much less healthily than an average meat-eater. However, it is proven that if you follow a balanced vegan diet, you can enjoy weight loss without the feeling of restrictions, as vegan foods are naturally lower in calories than animal based products. “Not only are they less likely to be obese, vegans are also less to fall victim to serious conditions due to the large amount of fibre and antioxidants they get from their diet.”

2. You don’t eat that much meat anyway

It is hard to avoid the media reports of how unhealthy large quantities of meat can be, so you’ve cut back. Meat based dishes in restaurant and in general are often more expensive than the plant-based alternatives, so you opt to save your money. OR! Subconsciously, you are minimizing your animal consumption to alleviate some levels of guilt associated with it. Like we said, no pressure.

Check out your new vegan food pyramid here.

3. You don’t believe you could

You hear more people around you becoming more mindful of their animal intake. At first, it’s easy to write-off, Sandra was always a bit of a hippie anyway, am I right? Three colleagues later and you’re starting to feel a pang of defensiveness, or is it jealousy? You wish you could be that person, but you doubt your resolve and wonder why even try, just to fail. Why should you go vegan? It’s an opportunity to do something you’re proud of and believe in.

4. You care about the environment

The meat industry is colossally damaging to our environment. This is old news. Your money in your pocket is how you vote in this world. Don’t vote against the environment. Opt for more sustainable dietary habits.

5. You want to live in alignment with your values

Picture this: you’re in the park and see a man with a cow. You notice the man has a device which looks like a gun and is about to kill the cow with it. Would you let him kill the cow? Maybe you would even help him. No? By buying meat ‘products’, it is as if we are actually walking up to him and paying him to kill the cow. Something isn’t lining up here.

Ok, so you’ve decided; possibly maybe, you might consider going vegan SORT OF. What now? Here are some great apps that our veg-leaning staff have stated are must-haves for your going green tool kit.

Happy Cow

A guide to vegan eating out all over the world!

Is It Vegan

I don’t know, check the app.


For when you venture outside the city walls and need a translation of “I’m vegan” in your target language. (This app ranked higher on the list simply for the name.)

So, is it for you? Comment your thoughts below.

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