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Paula Fanning strikes a pose against cancer

(Radio Documentary)

This documentary deals with cancer and how it affects people.

Paula lost her hair due to chemotherapy and she began to wear a wig in public. After a time, family and friends would try on her wig and “Strike a pose against cancer”. Following on from this Paula started up the charity of the same name aligned to the Mater Foundation Charity.

There is no state breast check until a woman reaches 50, Paula’s employers (Marks & Spencer) policy of free breast checks to those under 50 proved to be a lifesaver for her.

Paula’s Mother was also suffering from cancer at the same time and Paula never disclosed to her as it was feared she was too weak to cope with the revealation.Her mother has since passed on from the illness.

The Wig – Paula recalls her experience with selecting a wig and how it made her feel.

Through support groups,Paula has made life-long friendships with what she calls her breast friends.

This brave and beautiful woman is an inspiration to all.

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