5 ways to be insufferable on Facebook

What's on your mind

What’s on your mind? Photo Credit, Pietro Zanarini (Flickr)

Let’s face it: how many of us check Facebook as often as possible during the day? We check it at work, college, home and even at a restaurant with friends. We constantly update it with the posts which make no sense and have little value. These posts are not aimed at the reader but serve the author. Here are five most annoying posts.

1. Permanent status update

Do you always have the answer to the question “What is on your mind”? Welcome to the category! These posts are like: “finally I have finished my assignment” or “now I am baking a raspberry pie”. The author of these posts is either feeling very lonely or truly believes that posts in social networks were created solely for this purpose.

2. Encoded messages

This category includes posts like “I made it” without providing any further explanation. People tend to comment under the post trying to guess what really happened. The author of the piece feels like a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi. The author of the post calls out for attention.

3. Bragging

These are all sorts of messages about how great your life is. Even if you are so glad it is better to share your emotions with close friends and relatives instead of spamming five hundred people (I swear, you barely know half of them).

4. Private messages popping up on timeline

Sometimes a message addressed to a specific person appears in the public domain. This message sounds like: “miss you! when will we meet again?. It can happen if you are trying to show that you are socially active and have many friends or if you are old enough to mix up a personal message with a post.

5. Nobel Speech

“Thank you for being in my life. Your support means a lot to me…” this kind of long posts look desperate. Are you really addressing all these pleasant words to all your friends on Facebook? In other words, you are saying: “Hey, I’m here, give me a hug!”.

Everyone feels lonely and wants to brag sometimes. Saying that, it is ok to write a post, but let’s make our posts interesting, informative and  entertaining for others, not just ourselves.

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