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5 Unfiltered Irish Instagram accounts every woman needs to follow!

Instagram can be addictive! How many of us decide to have a ‘quick scroll’ though the latest posts when we go to bed and end up spending  upwards of an hour scrolling aimlessly?

Instagram has recently revealed that the Stories feature has led to more time being spent on the app and that “Those under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram, on average, while those age 25 and older spend more than 24 minutes a day.”

So if we are going to allocate this amount of time to Instagram, we may aswell follow people or blogs that are worth-wile and make us feel good, rather than those that don’t.

Here are 5 Irish Instagram accounts worth a follow;

Louise McSharry

Louise is a multi-talented all round kind of gal. She not only bangs out the latest hits Sunday to Thursday on popular radio station RTE 2FM, she is also a gifted writer and columnist and as she states on her Instagram page, is a “Plus-size clothes wearer. Unfiltered in every way.”

Louise regularly shares ‘stories’ featuring her cute two year old Sam who she is not afraid to admit throws a few tantrums. She is ‘mum-goals’ in every way and handles her little man’s meltdowns like a pro. Louise is a real reminder to all the parents out there that the ‘terrible-twos’ is just a normal part of raising tiny humans and that we all have our struggles.

Louise often highlights the fact that it can be difficult to find stylish, comfortable and well-made plus size clothes and shares her best finds whenever possible without taking herself too seriously – she is known for sharing a funny snap or two!

Faces By Grace – Grace Mongey

Grace is one of the most down-to-earth Irish bloggers on the block. Regularly sharing her fashion inspiration and latest beauty looks, Grace’s style is always on-point, even on her days off. Being a busy makeup artist and mum to gorgeous Sienna, Grace has her hands full and her heart fuller as she prepares for the arrival of her second baby in just a few weeks. Through all stages of life, Grace is totally unfiltered and is not afraid to show the darker days when she openly struggles with her mental health. Grace outlines the things that make her feel better when she is going through a tough time and speaks of her therapy sessions which she finds helpful in dealing with her mental health struggles.

‘Faces By Grace’ has also been know to share a little ‘TMI’ as she puts it, when it comes to her pregnancy and recovery and even documented her first labour on Snapchat (in a dignified and clever way), its presumable that with Instagram currently being the hottest platform, she might use the app to keep us updated when the big day arrives!

The Secret Obsession Blog – Aoibhe Devlin

Aoibhe is a member of the Aer Lingus cabin crew and is also a full time blogger who shares all the interesting details surrounding her numerous trips to the most exotic and the most local of destinations. Relatively new to motherhood, Aoibhe regularly shares tips and tricks that she has found helpful when caring for her little daughter Lilly Pippa.

What is exceptionally intriguing about Aoibhe is that she is an open book and is informative in that she shares some of her most personal experiences across her social media platforms, including Instagram. Aoibhe recently had a ‘boob reduction’ and has playfully documented it through a series of Instagram stories and posts, one of which instantly grabs the followers’ attention with the first line reading “YAY!! I FINALLY HAVE SMALL BOOBIES!”

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up feel good Instagram account, The Secret Obsession Blog is your account!

I_Come_Undone – Sarah Hanrahan

Sarah is a psychiatric nurse turned blogger who shares daily style posts, weekly Dublin culture posts and monthly food posts.

Although Sarah gives us style posts on the latest looks, what is even more attractive about her Instagram account is that she is a charity shop lover who shares the hidden gems that she finds. For the month of April, Sarah is doing a mini series where she only styles charity shopped outfits; this is a welcomed change from many bloggers who only feature the latest trends currently in store meaning that matching their look requires a brand new wardrobe every couple of weeks, something which most of us can not afford.

The I-Come-Undone account is particularly interesting for those in and around the Dublin area as she regularly posts ‘A Day in Dublin’ – a short video accompanied by text which provides great ideas for a date night, day with the girls or solo trip for some me-time.

Sarah is unfiltered in that she does not pretend to be anything other than herself while online, she is natural and honest and recently informed her followers about her ‘cancer scare’. During this worrying time in her life she kept her followers up to date with her appointments and tests, normalizing health concerns which many of us have and letting us know that its always best to get yourself checked if you feel something is not right.

Eat, Sleep, Chic Blog – Stephanie Buckley

Stephanie is an award winning blogger and Mammy to a cute baby boy called Phoenix.

Stephanie’s account is a must for any new mother as she posts helpful tips and tricks for caring for your new baby. Stephanie has saved some of these tips in her stories which include registering a baby’s birth, breastfeeding, baby essentials and even includes her eventful labour story which makes for an interesting watch.

Baby Phoenix has to be one of the most stylish little guys on the scene and Stephanie always posts the links to his cute little outfits.

On the topic of fashion, the Eat, Sleep, Chic blog includes fashion hauls from many different brands so there is something for everyone. What is even better is that most of the brands featured by Stephanie are affordable and easy to get our hands on – Primark, Next and H&M are often on the top her shopping trip stops which we love!

A unique trait of the blog is that it is very helpful; Stephanie often posts questions to her Instagram story that she has received from followers who need a little advice or reccomendation, in turn her other followers then respond with answers which she also posts to her story – it’s a win, win for everybody.

Not only is Stephanie one of the most stylish and helpful bloggers you will come across, she is also hilarious so if you’re looking for a feel-good account to pick you up at the end of the day; Stephanie is your woman!
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