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5 Tips to how to manage your time: Managing time for study and work

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This is a long-time battle for all the students studying aboard for the first time. Some success and some don’t. Making time for yourself, study and work is every struggle and the struggle is real. When I first arrived at Dublin, I was living on my money which my parents gave me but now working and studying will not only affecting my mental and physical health but also affecting my studies and top of that my social life. It is not common that most of the students are facing this problem. And many don’t know where to start to balance their social life and student life.

So, there my 10 tips that will help you to manage time for both :

1. Make a schedule

This is the best way to use to utilize your time effectively. It will help you to not only finish your assignments on time but it will also help you to create a healthier lifestyle. For example, I am currently using an application called Timetree where I make a schedule for my work and make time to do my assignments on time. This way, I can balance my workplace and my assignment effectively. So, make a schedule and see the changes that bring in your lives. However, it is difficult to follow a time-bound schedule every day and sometimes you put your things aside. It is hard at day one but doesn’t give up. It will be worth for the long run.

2. Don’t engage yourself in unproductive works

This is important because of your time precious for you to balance out your life and maintain your healthy mind and body. Cut all unnecessary plans when you have already a plan in your schedule for that day. Learn say no to things when your day is full of plans. Don’t go along with it when you know you have something else important to work on. Just stick with your schedule.

3. Learn to multitask

It is one of the skills you must have if you are juggling between work and study. You must know your technique to multitask your work and study effectively. Most of the people know it naturally while others take time to do. It is hard to do but gradually it is an effective tip for you to utilize and manage time effectively.
However, you must know in what situation you should multitask your time. For example, I work through the morning and at night do my assignments for some hours whenever there is any dateline for the assignment. I divide and make my schedule early in the morning before going to work for that day. Likewise, at my workplace as a waitress, I always multitask from taking the food order to serving the customers’ drinks.

4. Stick with your schedule you have to create

This is only hard rule when it comes to time management. At the beginning, it’s difficult to follow but slowly you get used it. So, don’t give up. If you stick with your plan, it will do wonders as you will get your work done. Just make a habit of putting an alarm or a notification on your mobile so that you will be remembered beforehand and won’t have to do your task at the final moment.

5. Focus your time on your goals that you want to achieve

Now it is the most important one when you are making a schedule for yourself. Remind yourself why are you doing it? Or write down your goals somewhere at your calendar alongside with your schedule. This will give a meaning to what you are doing and what is your goal you want to achieve through this. Prioritize your goal over your social life but keep it balance so that you won’t miss anything. For example: My goal is to do all my assignments and at the same time balance my work life so that I will graduate my degree with flying colors. So, my goal is to graduate and earn money to pay my bills. However, sometime it’s okay to go out with friends and be socialize. After all, we human are social animals and it’s important to have a social life.


So, set a mindset and be active. Don’t rush and most important manage time using the tips given above. I hope you liked my blog and if yes please comment and share.


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