5 tips for holiday photos

It is spring and time to plan summer vacation. Travelling to distant lands, or even around your own country, can be an exciting time. But when it comes to the photos from a trip, often the album is large and the photos are mildly interesting. Here are 5 advices to take more interesting photos which reflect the mood of a city.

1. Use different angles to take photos of the most famous sightseeing. By capturing texture and repeated pattern you can create an image with real impact.

Eiffel Tower Souvenir Eiffel Tower souvenir, Paris by Ksenija Archipova.  

2. Forget the boring monuments. Create your photo story. Take the photo of the scene and use the close-up shots of the elements in the scene to create a photo story.

Motorcycle Side View Mirror

Motorcycle side view mirror, Paris by Ksenija Archipova.  

3. Take photos of local people doing their daily routine. Take time to observe and capture the moments of life – consider yourself a street photographer. Human presence is another way of adding personality and interest to your photos.

People sitting in CafePeople in cafe, Paris by Ksenija Archipova.

4. Visit local market if you want to capture the true spirit of the country. Nothing make one feel part of a community like a good farmer’s market. Add tags in photos. Prices of fruits and vegetables on the local market written in the native language will create mood. And do not forget to take photos of the local food before you eat it.

Local market in Paris

Food counter, Paris by Ksenija Archipova. 

5. The last but not the least advise: don’t forget yourself! It would be a shame to not have any photo of yourself from the holidays.

Make your photo album full of images that reflect your mood and spirit of the country you have visited!


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