5 tips on how to create the BEST WORST CV

CV Tips
CV Tips - Photo credit: Flickr -The Italian Voice

Please read carefully and do not take notes  ! Remember to read with an open mind

CV Tips
CV Tips – Photo credit: Flickr -The Italian Voice
  1. Make your CV long

The best part of a recruiter’s day is spent receiving and reading long and boring CV’s. So yours is just one of the hundreds.They have approximately 30 minutes to spend on each one. If your CV is very long, then it increases your chances of getting employed ! Isn’t that great ? If you would like to add style to your writing and keep all the important information together, pleased don’t use bullet points. Not using bullet points is definitely the best way to achieve this result. So, if they like what they see, they will call you for an interview 100% , that way at the interview you will have more time to develop your life experiences more and talk about yourself all day long.

  1. Bombard the Expertise section with many skills

It’s a good idea to put many skills and experience in the Experience Section, which will result to the recruiter to remember all of them, and the ones that don’t matter either. Do not section your resume to each job , and don’t select the most relevant skills for the suitable roles. By organizing them into groups , you would only be complicating things. So please don’t try to ! That way it will look more organized and will be easier to read.`

          3. Resume should not be targeted to the role

Your CV should not be adjusted to a particular role just because of the job your applying for. Like why should you go through so much stress cause of one dream job? Like is it worth it ? You have to show the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the role, whether or not your resume is good or bad . At the interview, you would need to go through all of your previous experiences. Do not only mention the ones relevant to the job, say it all . For example, if you are been interviewed for a Sales Assistant role in a Boutique, you don’t need to emphasize on the customer service skills you acquired during your last job, instead talk about your first professional experience as a pharmacist selling medicines.

  1. No analysis of the work done

A professional resume is a resume where your past employment is are explained thoroughly and word for word.The recruiter only wants to know the tasks you’ve achieved and not the tasks you’ve carried. This will show how determined and competent you really are and also show the employer that your most capable to work in their company. For each section of your previous experiences , do not list the responsibilities you had to handle and the challenges you came across while doing the task. You have to demonstrate what you brought to the other jobs and why the company should call you in for an interview.

  1. Include Pictures

You know you are good looking, so why not show the recruiter that ? Include pictures of you on holidays, at the beach at the club , during your birthday. Show them your modelling and acting side. The employer doesn’t have to request it, include all the odds.

SO, GO ALL OUT. Did I forget to say you should wait and read this article on the 25th of Jan, which is the opposite day ?

Now that you know everything about CV’S

Go and create that best CV !

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