5 things every private commuter experiences daily

69% of commuters travelled to work by car in 2011

Driving long distances can be a pain. Commuting by public transport isn’t always possible and depending on where you live and where you want to go and sometimes travelling alone by car is the only solution.

In an ideal world long distance driving should automatically come with a friend/ travel partner/ personal DJ but alas, we live in the real world where some things just don’t come all wrapped up in a neat little bow.

According to the Central Statistics Office, 69% of commuters travelled to work by car in 2011. Many of us drive long distances every day to either work or college and although we all travel on different routes, the phases we go through are quite similar.

1. The Initial Rush

You start every journey like you’re on an episode of TopGear – loving the freedom of driving on the open road and attempting to catch up on the time lost from spending those extra few minutes enjoying your morning cup of tea. This doesn’t last long though and 10 minutes in, the enjoyment and initial excitement has disappeared and boredom sets in.

2.  Old School Classics

After listening to the news and quietly singing along to the latest Coldplay song, a rewind track on the radio wakes up your inner popstar. You dust off one of your old C.D’s from your glove box and belt out your best Whitney Houston impression.

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3. That car that can’t accept you overtaking them

You’re driving at a moderate pace on the motorway, see a car going quite slow in the left lane so you do as any normal person would and you overtake them.  For some strange reason, they get offended that you did so and they overtake you immediately. Once in front of you, they go back to driving extremely slow and you have no choice but to overtake them again. Just, why?

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4. The Calculation Game.

You have been driving a while now but feel like you’re getting nowhere, thus begins the calculation game. You check the motorway driver location signs and see how many kilometres you’ve already done. Take that away from the amount it takes to get to your destination, calculate how long it will take to get to your destination and hey you’ve killed a few minutes!

So, if I have already driven 18.5 km out of the 118.5 on the motorway leaving 100km to go and I’m driving at 120 km/hr, that means I’ll get there in 50 minutes. But my house is a further 20 minutes in light traffic and 30 in heavy traffic…

5. Leaving the motorway

You get sick of listening to the radio, rummage around and find your old collection of C.D’s. You end up bopping along to some classic 90s pop, showcasing your best dance moves to your audience of one. You get so immersed in the music that you don’t realise that you have left the motorway 10 minutes ago, you’re in traffic dancing away to yourself and the pedestrians walking by are getting great enjoyment out of watching you do your rendition of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This.

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