5 Subcultures you have never heard of

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Subcultures are a fascinating topic, they can spring from anywhere. Television programs, video games and music are all examples of where subcultures can form. but for today we’re going on an adventure to find the more obscure subcultures that you seldom see or maybe you do see but don’t recognise.

lets begin shall we?

1. Bronies

Bronies by Hannah Verbeuren
Bronies by Hannah Verbeuren

I discovered this particular group only recently and I must say they are a truly delightful bunch. The Brony (a combination of the words Bro and Pony) community sprang up around the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Your average Brony is a twenty-something male who follows the show, women of course may be Bronies as well but they go by the moniker Pegasisters (a combination of the words Pegasus and sister). Though they may come across as strange, I can happily attest to the fact that they are one of the happiest subcultures out there. if you want to learn more about these delightful folks, follow these links http://www.equestriadaily.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BroniesofIreland

2. Teen Werewolves

so yeah, this is a thing apparently. These kids have decided to deal with the angst and alienation of being a teenager by becoming werewolves and forming into ‘packs’. Personally I just listened to heavy metal and grew my hair long but to each their own. That being said let’s talk about these little lycanthropes, drawing inspiration from the television program Teen Wolf and some movie series about teenage vampires and werewolves whose name escapes me at the moment, they wear prosthetic fangs, tails and contact lenses in order to get the werewolf ‘look’.

3.Beyoncé’s baby is evil

Beyoncé and her new born Ivy Blue
Beyoncé and her new born Ivy Blue

this is a new one and it is hysterical, this subculture believes that this darling little infant is in fact evil incarnate. Most of the allegations stem from the baby’s name, Ivy Blue, which many believe is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, supposedly the name of Satan’s daughter. There isn’t a whole lot else that can be said about this subculture.


not to be hired for children's parties
not to be hired for children’s parties

I’ve never heard of these folks before doing this article, they are fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse and have garnered a negative reputation as they claim to commit crimes as part of the culture that surrounds the group. No idea where the word Juggalo came from though, it sounds like a drinking game if I’m being honest.


The Elven Star
The Elven Star

Faeidism is a subculture where people believe fairies used to coexist with humans but were exiled into an overlapping universe with the invention and weaponization of iron. The goal for Faeids is to find portals through which faeries can reenter our world and open them with ritual and magic. Faeids try to live their life according to a code that brings them ever closer to the faerie realm, no seriously.
Faeids don’t go around dressing like faeries, so they’re a bit harder to find. You know you’ve got one, however, if you spot someone wearing a seven-pointed star on their clothing. This is supposedly a symbol representing the gateway between the two realms.

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