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5 Stages of Grief (College Student Edition)

Being a student in university is not easy. The classes, exams, and don’t even get me started about the assignments. It’s exhausting for sure. I am here, not to tell you how or help you get through this tiring process (How to stop procrastinating) but to simply just state the process. So obviously it starts with the very smart decision of actually going to college. Then we have the whole “honeymoon period” where it’s basically meeting new people, making friends, going out, partying and what not. The stages of grief basically sets in a few months into college, when the assignments have started to pile on, you gotta study for your exams that are just approaching and to top it all off you have a 9 am class the next day. And this is where it starts…

Stage 1 : Denial : This is where you tend to not acknowledge the amount of work you have to do and decide to go out for a drink with your friends instead, to have a “relaxing night” after all the “hardworking you’ve done” which is complain about all the work you have to do.

Stage 2 : Guilt : This is the next day. You’re not able to wake up for your 9 am class, thanks to your “relaxing night”. It starts with you missing one class, then slowly convincing yourself to maybe just take the day off, stay at home and do work instead. But what do you do instead? Stay in bed all day and feel bad about missing class, not doing work all while watching Netflix.

Stage 3 : Anger/Bargaining : This is where you get really upset and decide to punish yourself. No more Netflix, no more food till you finish at least one assignment. And then you feel bad almost immediately for being so hard on yourself and start being little lenient by allowing yourself to eat while working, and then maybe a break to just stretch out your limbs, watch a little something, and maybe more food (never hurt nobody).

Stage 4 : Depression : This is just a few hours after the previous stage. The “little break” you took has not lasted for about five hours and the only thing you have completed is season 5 of The Office. This is where it really starts to set in. You realise you’ve wasted way too much time and now it’s too late. You have an assignment due tomorrow and all you have is an empty Word Doc. So you just lay in bed and cry.

Stage 5 : Acceptance/ Hope : This is after a few hours of crying and throwing silent tantrums (gotta love the dorm life) in your room, scrolling through Instagram and watching a few TedxTalks, and maybe shower…no definitely shower, during which you realise that you are not that person who just gives up. You take control of your life and are in charge of your own destiny. You emerge out of the shower more confident than ever. Stay up all night and finish that assignment and submit it.

After this you decide to get back on track and focus on your work and finish everything in time so you don’t have another mental breakdown. You make a time-table, a checklist, a to-do list….*message alert*….I mean I did submit an assignment today and I do deserve a break…right?

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