5 signs you love your job

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From early childhood we are told that the most important thing in our life is to find what you love to do. The journey of finding yourself is not easy. People rarely succeed unless they find what they love to do. It can be a hard work but it is enlightening and rewarding at the end. Even if you have already found out what you want to do for the rest of your life, you can still have doubts about it. The less sure about everything you are, the more doubts you have. The work fills a large part of our life and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you truly love.

Here is a checklist of 5 signs confirming that you love your job.

  1. You can do the work at any time and circumstances. Your focus and concentration at work are similar to the meditation. Time stops and you do not notice what happens around you.

  2. You feel the constant need in your professional growth. You participate in all discussions on your favourite topic and you are eager to learn new things about it.

  3. You share your knowledge and experience, and you help without thinking.

  4. You are full of energy because you love what you do and you want to do even more. Your work gives you a sense of meaning and purpose boosts the energy.

  5. You feel that your goal is easily achievable. Positive circumstances and desired opportunities are everywhere around you.

If the above statements apply to you, then you are deeply in love with your job!

If you have not found what you love to do, keep looking!


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