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5 Signs that your work environment is toxic

Stress is a common thing which comes with any job one was to take up. Regardless of their position in their job, they will be faced with situations which could impose different levels of stress upon an individual. Thought stress could be healthy in small doses – if an individual was to feel depressed, sad, ill or even sick when thinking of work, this could be symptoms that you work in a very toxic and unhealthy environment which is not good for your well-being physically or emotionally. If you are subjected to unfair treatment by your employer or coworkers, you may require the services of an employment or business lawyer, a great way to find yourself a lawyer that suites your needs is by going to a website like Employment law is complex, so it is always advisable to seek advice from human resources or a settlement agreement solicitor before any communication occurs between the employer and employee.

When your boss / superior abuses power

With great titles come great responsibility but often this is taken granted off. When individuals who are power driven and use these powers to abuse and bully members of staff. It is often that when an individual takes on a role which allows him / her control over a certain group of staff this can be taken advantage of. It is crucial to know how to deal with such situations as it can affect your mental well-being.

Being constantly angry

A constant state of anger at your workplace is another indication that your work environment is toxic. Being in a temperamental state at work is not the best choice as this can lead to making abrupt decisions and can affect your work quality. It can also lead to acting out in anger towards a peer or colleague which can affect your relationships due to things which were said in the spur of the moment. If you find yourself in a state of anger at work, it is suggested that you try to address the situation before it gets’ out of control.


Stress at the workplace is inevitable but sometimes prolonged stress can lead to physical and mental illness. This can also affect your quality of work, productivity and performance. Stress overload too can affect your personal life and home life – therefore it should not be taken lightly. If you are in a work environment whereby you are constantly under a tremendous amount of stress it is suggested that you get help or re-evaluate the circumstances to determine whether the stress is worth the downside. There are ways to help you overcome stress at work which might be worth considering.

Profession/Career Burn Out

A burn out should not be confused with stress. Being put under a lot of stress over a long period can lead to burnouts. Feeling burned out is when you don’t have the desire, motivation or intention of doing something or being somewhere, but you do it for the sake of doing it. Indications of an individual being burnt out can be recognised if the individual ‘doesn’t care anymore’, ‘feels hopeless’, ‘feels empty’ and ‘feels emotionally drained’. It is important to maintain a balance between work and play so you are not overwhelmed with everything happening at work, allowing your mind to run free and to be relaxed. Though some people have trouble with the work-life balance, there are ways of dealing with work burnout which should be considered before the stress starts affecting you physically.

When issues do not get addressed

It is safe to say that every workspace has issues on their own which require to be dealt with by the management or human resources team. If you are working in an environment which serious issues are not dealt with and rather it is ignored that is a huge red flag. Matters which happen within an organisation should be addressed as soon as an issue is identified in order to maintain a smooth line of communication and a healthy environment. Not addressing issues in a timely manner can lead to a very unhealthy workspace which will brush off on the employees which creates a negative vibe in the workforce. This frustration of not being heard by the management or HR can directly affect the member of staff and take a toll on their personal well-being if left ignored for a long period of time. If you are ever in a situation if your complaint or concerns are ignored by the management, you could follow these steps in order to tackle the situation.

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