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5 Reasons to Visit a Library and Make the best use of its facilities.

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According to the Institute of Education, it has been established that children who read more, have stronger reading skills. In the present time school librarians and teachers, have lots of links to the fact that if children had access to books they would be more likely to read them and this should be through a school library.

It is important that we take every study seriously and use it to help schools understand why they need a school library with a qualified librarian.

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The library is a resource centre for students and helps develop children in a variety of ways. A child that has access to a library from an early age will develop skills, knowledge and psychology.

This development will grow with such students and make them stand out among their peers.

The library has been beneficial in various ways to students at different levels:

1. Library helps develop the brain psychologically.

Access to good quality, up-to-date books. They are good for literacy, mental health and academic attainment. The stronger the reading skills the better students become. And it will make such students perform well in all subjects. Students can have an edge over classmates and be distinct as well.

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2. It is a place where habitual reading is acquired.

A Library creates a space where students can feel safe and be empowered to make their own choices about what they read.

It is important for students to have the opportunity to make their own reading choices. Reading varieties of books leads them to continue to read for pleasure. Also when students create a habit to read, it will help them cultivate growing up to read with pleasure and making reading a hobby.

3. To familiarise with the librarian and explore.

A school librarian can help to give guides, inspire and inform students, on how to get the best out of the resources in the library.

A librarian helps to unravel some facts about disturbing issues. They also give the best solution to a few assignments.

A librarian can give their time to enlighten students on the best ways to get the best out of the library.

4. Library helps develop research skills.

Frequent visits to the library can assist to know and understand research. Access to good quality academic online resources can help increase students’ research skills.

It makes learning more easier. The rich online resources that have unlimited values will open more doors to equipping students with psychological development.

Library is a place of developing skills. The benefits of visiting library is great
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5. Library is a place to create a small community.

When students meet in the library, it helps them come together. To create a bond, thereby forming a small community that is bound together with the goal of achieving success.

This small community can transform into a big one to find solutions to each other’s educational difficulties.

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Visiting a school library, a local library or a community library can be of great importance to students for learning purposes.

Below are the advantages of making use of a library in a video.

Video by Keth Bansiloy for YouTube.

Video by Adewunmi on information about Griffith Library.
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