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5 reasons to enjoy the biggest Carnival in Dublin.

Video Copyright: Real Events

Carnival in Dublin? Yes. Believe it or not! 

St Patrick’s day celebrations are just around the corner, but the most awaited season of the year in Brazil has already started: a week of party, fun, happiness, music and costumes to celebrate the Carnival! 

And here is some good news… You don’t need to fly to Brazil to enjoy what is known as the most beautiful, happy and colourful party in the world.

It is happening this Sunday the 3rd of March, at Dtwo in Dublin city centre, one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in Ireland, organized by Real Events. 

Brian Havey, the company owner, lists 5 reasons missing this event:

1 – “It is an opportunity to get to know a bit more of the Brazilian culture and enjoy the positive vibration of Brazilian people;”

2 – “A full day of non-stop music provided by DJ’s, Live Bands and traditional percussion performance can be very attractive for any kind of people, from anywhere in the world. So, if you like to party, get your dance shoes ready! Doors will be open at 3pm;”

3 – “The delicious traditional food: If you have never tasted any Brazilian snacks, this is the perfect opportunity for it! You can find the best of the Brazilian cuisine such as coxinha, pastel, Brazilian barbeque, brigadeiro, beijinho and much more;”

4 – “A big characteristic of Carnival in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, are the beautiful samba dancers and their performances in colorful costumes. If you have only seen it on television, you can enjoy a show from the girls of the Rio Soul Samba Performance which is one of the main attractions of the day. And also, the Afro-Brazilian performance by Criola Dance & Go Dance and Axé Retro dance animations will cheer up the crowd;” 

5 – “In addition to all the fun, you can win a prize! The best costume competition for the creative ones, and the best “bloco” competition for the most excited group of friends. “Bloco de Carnaval” in Brazil is an organised group of people who join the parade, often wearing the same costume;”

“We are expecting over 2,000 people. It will be epic, and you cannot miss it”, concludes Havey.

For more information and to get involved, contact Real Events on

FB Event: CarnivalDublin2019

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