5 reasons why SoundCloud is a great online audio platform for Nigerian music fans

SoundCloud Logo Graham Smith (Flickr)
SoundCloud Logo Graham Smith (Flickr)
SoundCloud Logo Graham Smith (Flickr)

Streaming music online is not new to this century and one can say that it is a growing market that has a bright future. There are many platforms to stream music and audio clips online, but Soundcloud has compelling features that would interest you. 

It is undeniable that over the years technology has improved drastically. To get updates about the newly released music back in the days, one had to be glued to the radio or television.  I remember having a cassette tape  inserted in the radio given to me by my cousin just to have songs recorded to be replayed later. Thinking about it now, it was a real struggle for a music lover like me.

However, due to technology, getting music updates is made easier. I have been loving SoundCloud because it is different from all the music apps that I have used or still using. According to lifehack.org;

Sound Cloud is a streaming service company that is mainly popular due to its unique feature that allows the user to share their on music creation to the world apart from enjoying someone else’s creations.

Founded in Berlin in 2007, SoundCloud has been able to build its own platform and community successfully. For music lovers, it is a great way to be updated on your favourite artists. For artists, it is a significant way to share your music for free online. For journalists, it is an easier way to tell your stories with the use of sounds on the web.

A Testimony SoundCloud (Twitter)
A Testimony SoundCloud (Twitter)

Being a curious cat, I decided to ask my Twitter followers  the reason(s) why they used SoundCloud. As predicted, the responses were felicitous. I narrowed the feedback given into 5 and here are the reasons:

SoundCloud enables you to upload your audio clips for free. This is one feature that will interest journalists, upcoming artists and beat makers. Once your account is created, uploading your audio clips is easy peasy. This will enable the whole world to listen to your audio clips or music.

Create Sound Page (Photo Credit Denise Lu)
Create Sound Page (Photo Credit: Denise Lu)

Felix, a music lover said;

I like SoundCloud because it is a nice platform for me to listen to unsigned hypes and  underground artists.

He added;

It is a platform for people who listen and make music for the love of it and not because of any financial benefit.  I also love free music.

SoundCloud enables you to create an unlimited playlist. This is another feature that most of my Twitter followers mentioned. You can create as many playlists as you want and add sounds to the playlist(s), it could be sounds created by you or by other users on SoundCloud. Also, you can edit your playlist (reordering them, renaming, making it private or public).

Playlist Page (Photo Credit: Denise Lu)
Playlist Page (Photo Credit Denise Lu)

Soundcloud enables you to follow people and listen to their playlist(s). This is a feature that makes this platform unique. You can follow your friends, your favourite artists, beat makers, and listen to their playlist(s); as long as the playlist is not private. Also, songs posted or reposted by them will be on the stream list, this is somewhat like a timeline on Twitter, that enables you to have access to newly shared audio clips.

Stream Page (PhotoCredit: Oreoluwa Aremo)

SoundCloud enables you to share and download songs. I recently discovered  that you could download songs from SoundCloud and I was extremely excited. This is a great feature for the days one is not connected to the internet to stream music online. Also, you can share the songs you like to your social network pages.

Share Page (Photo Credit Denise Lu)

Finally, there is a recent feature  on SoundCloud that enables track uploaders to get up-to-date stats on the performance of the tracks uploaded. However, there have been promises that this feature will be upgraded and will enable users to have access to in-depth stats, have the ability to edit track information and expanded messaging capability.

H.O.D, a Nigerian beat maker had something interesting to say about this platform;

Well, the initial reason why I joined this platform was to use it as a medium to advertise my craft (music projects) but after a while, I started following up on some other artists and producers whose sounds I came across on there and admired.

He also added that the platform connects music all over the world. After reading this post I am 100% positive that we agree with H.O.D.

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