5 problems you can face to when studying abroad. Expectations Vs. Reality

Young woman sitting beside the books. Photo credit: Jessica Eve (Flickr)

Good school years have gone so fast and now you are thinking to study abroad? It is a brave and serious decision you have made.

Full of expectations for upcoming years out of the home state you might imagine your future experience as a step into fairytale full of adventure and unforgettable moments.

Students on the grace. Study abroad. Photo credit: Sasint (Pixabay)
Students on the grace. Photo credit: Sasint (Pixabay)

Unfortunately, sometimes being too excited about something leads us to “expectation vs. reality” feeling which can make us disappointed in some way. Don’t be scared, but prepared! And, believe me, you are going to have the most interesting period of your life! Here is 5 “expectation vs. reality” things you can face to when studying abroad:

1. “I am going to start a new life living in another country”

Run, Forrest, run! But remember, you will never run from yourself. Don’t think that the change of location will help you to escape from your problems, because most of the problems are in your head.
Since you want to start a fresh page of your life book, then start from yourself. And you will feel how new city comprises you in helping to start from the scratch.

2. “Independent life is the best life”

Half agree! Every person dreams about independent life when he can do whatever he wants. NO RULES. ONLY FREEDOM. Do not rush with loud statements. Nobody canceled the “homesickness” feeling which you can struggle with. “Where is the best friend when he is needed?”, “When is my mom, I miss her food!” you might say. It is always difficult to live so far away from your family and friends.

But there is always a way…
You can attend college societies which will help you to find a lot of friends with the same interests. Moreover, you can keep in touch with your friends and family 24/7 via Skype and other social apps.

3. “My level of language is perfect, I will be like “a fish in the sea”

You actually might be very good at speaking another language, but there is nothing perfect. When you move to another country, you can face to such difficulties like accent,  slang or dialect which can make you feel stressed. Especially when it comes to the lectures in your college, you can be like “I would never understand it in my language, how can I get it in another one?”

It is all about practice! The more you speak, the more you get confident. Try to make friends with people whose language is different from yours (it is difficult sometimes). And listen to them carefully!

4. “I will have a life like in the cinema. I will go to galleries, theatres, cinema, museums, cafes, clubs everyday. I will have loads of fun and adventure every week”

A girl sitting beside the book. Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures (Pixabay)
A girl sitting beside the book. Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures (Pixabay)

Study abroad takes a lot of effort. You will have a routine life when most of the days include school, housework, meals, assignments etc. Sometimes you will be too tired even for going out. Don’t expect that you will have a plenty free time. But remember if you arrange your time well, you will always have an extra hour for doing things you wanted!


5. “I will not have any problems”

I hope you won’t! But life is unpredictable and difficult sometimes. Be ready for everything and enjoy your study abroad!


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