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5 Instagram accounts every woman should follow for everyday inspiration

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International Women’s Day 2024 is right around the corner which makes it an opportune moment to celebrate the achievements, aspirations, and empowerment of women worldwide. In the age of social media, Instagram has emerged as a powerful platform for sharing stories, inspiring change, and fostering community.

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Here are five Instagram accounts that every woman should follow for a dose of inspiration ahead of Women’s Day:

Be Badass India (

Be Badass is more than just an Instagram account; it’s a movement empowering women to embrace their strength, confidence, and individuality. Through daily affirmations, motivational quotes, and empowering messages, Be Badass encourages women to cultivate self-love and pursue personal growth. Whether you’re looking for a boost of positivity or seeking encouragement on your journey, this account is sure to inspire.

Girlboss (@girlboss)

Girlboss is a global community that champions women’s empowerment in the workplace and beyond. From career advice and entrepreneurship tips to stories of resilience and ambition, Girlboss celebrates the diverse accomplishments of women across industries. By providing resources, support, and inspiration, Girlboss empowers women to pursue their passions and redefine success on their terms.

P.S. They even have a podcast that has engaging episodes with inspiring women across the globe.

Feminist (@feminist)

Feminist amplifies the voices of women, pushing for gender equality, social justice, and women’s rights. Its thought-provoking posts, educational content, and impactful storytelling ignite conversations and inspire actions toward a more inclusive and equitable world. Following Feminist keeps you informed, engaged, and empowered in the ongoing fight for equality.

Women Who Travel (@womenwhotravel)

Women Who Travel is a community started by Condé Nast Traveler that celebrates the wanderlust and adventures of women around the globe. From solo travel tips and destination guides to inspiring podcasts of female travellers breaking barriers, this account encourages women to explore the world fearlessly and embrace the transformative power of travel. Whether planning your next adventure or simply seeking inspiration, Women Who Travel offers a vibrant community and a wealth of resources to fuel your wanderlust.

Women for Women International (@womenforwomen)

Women for Women International empowers marginalised women in conflict-affected areas through education, training, and economic opportunities. By sharing the stories and achievements of women survivors of war, this account highlights the resilience, strength, and resilience of women around the world. They broadcast their content and stories across social media platforms like YouTube, X and Facebook so garner more support. Follow Women for Women International to learn how you can support women’s empowerment and contribute to positive change globally.

From self-love and empowerment to advocating for gender equality and social justice, these Instagram accounts offer a wealth of inspiration and encouragement for women everywhere. So, ahead of Women’s Day 2024, hit the follow button and join the movement towards a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️

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