5 essential apps for content marketers

open book with neat drawings
Photo Credit: MelbourneIT
open book with neat drawings
Photo Credit: MelbourneIT

As a content marketer it is important to write down ideas immediately, to retain information, to always be up to date, and to produce visual content. With just a couple of patently apps you can work much faster and more efficient in content marketing. Plus: Many of the apps are also handy for your private life!



The note-app could be vital. You can write down blog ideas, to-do-lists, login data, URLs, book titles and much more. Furthermore the app is helpful in private life; an example: grocery lists. Your notes get automatically synchronised on to your laptop and iphone. Also, photos, memories or checklists can be saved as note. The single notes you can then summarise as group in a notebook.



Dropbox is also a basis of a content marketer’s existence. With the help of Dropbox you can access and edit your documents everywhere. You can share folders for projects with your partners or friends and work together on them. Bonus: Once you’ve installed the Dropbox app on smartphone you can use WLAN to automatically upload photos, save them online and then delete them from your smartphone. This can be very handy while traveling! Also convenient: sharing photo folders with others, so that everybody can contribute and access the photos and moments you’ve experienced together.



Well and truly over are the times with one million open tabs! When you find an article, a video, or other interesting contents online, but you don’t have time to read them at this particular moment, then simply save it in Pocket. There they are neatly arranged on one page only and you can read them as soon as you find the time. Super: You can save a link directly from Twitter – in the settings on Twitter you can create an own Pocket-button. Also in the web browser and on your smartphone a convenient Pocket-bookmark can be installed with just a few clicks.



A great source to get all kinds of information and news. After the death of Google Reader, Feedly is the perfect alternative as RSS reader. The simple, well adaptable interface makes it easy to clearly manage many feeds. You can for example create an own folder for each of your clients and save its corporate design and details. When you need material for a blogpost, a Facebook update, or a Tweet, you can just click through all the saved articles. This makes the research and content curation easy and almost automatic.



For Photoshop fans is this application a must have. For free and without login can everybody upload photos and edit them by brightening up, cut to size, adjust colours and acuity and there are much more options. Alternatively just click on “auto adjust” and let PicMonkey do the work for you! Also effects, collages or branded pictures can be easily created. PicMonkey is the photoshop for people that have tons of creativity, but no time to learn a software!


Is there another essential app that I didn’t mention? Let us know and share it in the comments. Thank you!

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