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5 Remarkable Best Man Wedding Speeches

A wedding can be considered as a persons best day of their life. Two people that are devoted, in love and in awe of each other get to celebrate the essence of marriage amongst family and friends.

With months or even years of preparation, planning and organising; having the perfect day is essential for both the Bride and Groom. It’s also important to find the best Dallas wedding venues to suit your needs.

Besides the wedding bells, church or even the big white dress; wedding speeches are an important, humerous and heart warming factor to the day.

This week, The Circular has listed the Top 5 Best Man Wedding Speeches or in this case songs, with an attached Youtube clip beside each one.

Take note for the future fellow readers and enjoy the happiness shared in each unique video.

  1. Conor Darcy Best Man Speech (2015, Ireland)

2. Willis Wedding Speech (2016, U.K)

3. Dave Smith Speech (2009, U.S.A)

4. Benny Best Man Speech (2015, Ireland)

5. A Grooms Speech – Tom Fletcher (2015, U.K) 

You might need the tissues with this one.

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