5 African Dance Moves That Will Get You Groovy

Africa Day in Borovany Donald Judge (Flickr)

According to historyworld, in the ancient civilization, dancing in front of the god(s) was an important segment  of the temple ritual. It proved that one was delighted to be in the presence of the god(s). This is an evidence that dance has been part of the human society for so many years and the human society can not deny itself of the thrill and pressure of dancing.

Apsaras Dancing at Preah Khan Photo Dharma (Flickr)
Apsaras Dancing at Preah Khan Photo Dharma (Flickr)

Dance is certainly important  in celebrations, ceremonies, and even entertainment. However, the beautiful thing about dance is how versatile it is. There are African dances, Asian dances, European dances and so on.

Moving around the campus of Griffith College Dublin, 3 students were asked what dance meant to them and interesting answers were given.

Winifred, from France, laughed and said:

I will say that dancing means to feel free and it makes me happy. Also, it allows me to stay fit and through dancing, you can meet a lot of people at the club.

While Patricia, a journalism student said:

 dance is high energy and puts you in the mood

African dance, on the other hand, has played a fundamental role in the culture of various tribes. It is said that dance is more than just entertainment or fun, it generally communicate emotions, celebrates culture and helps strengthen the bonds between members of a tribe as a whole.

African Women Dancing Dave Pape (Flickr)
African Women Dancing Dave Pape (Flickr)

Over the years, African dance has transformed and so has African music. This is not surprising because they are so many amazing modern African musicians that make good music and sometimes create their own dance moves. Generally, the traditional African dance is making way for more modern dance.

Here is a list of 5 modern  African dance moves that will get you groovy.


This song is by Lil Kesh, a Nigerian artist that is currently making waves and it is produced by Pheelz. It currently very popular in Nigerian clubs and parties, has 4 million views on YouTube and the music video shows them dancing shoki.


Azonto is a dance and music genre from Ghana that was originated about 4 years ago and is widely accepted by different countries. It took over dancefloors across Africa, Europe, and the US. To be honest, this dance is not going away anytime soon.

  • Yahooze


Yahooze is a song by Nigerian recording artist Olu Maintain. It was released on October 27, 2007, and the dance was embraced by all almost immediately. This dance basically involves hand movements while the feet remain on the floor motionless or tapping the tapping the floor.



Hlokoloza is a dance originated from South Africa and this video by Soul T ft Dj Cleo & The Teddy Bears shows dancers in South Africa dancing Hlokoloza. The dance was debuted in 2011 and has taken South Africa by storm.


Yes, another African dance move created by Olamide, an award-winning Nigerian rap artist. This song was released early 2015 and people went insane! It currently has 7million views on YouTube. You should learn some of this move and impress people in clubs and parties.

Watching the above dance moves, one can wholeheartedly accept Shona’s answer to the question WHAT IS DANCE TO YOU?

Dance is an expression, it symbolizes happiness and culture.

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