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48 hours to be a kid again

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Grow up they said, it would be fun but no one ever told you about the bills you would have to pay, the taxman that sees your wage even before you or even the fact that surprising the fridge doesn’t come with ready to eat food. No one ever said Santa never brings gifts to adults no matter how nice you are all year.

But who knows maybe that’s one of the perks that come with adulthood with everything moving at a fast pace and the feeling that 24 hours sometimes isn’t enough. Let’s face it, we all wanted to be our own person, make our own rules, stay out late and eat whenever, wherever and whatever.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what 2 years old me would be doing at this moment, I know this is for sure probably not standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus because I have an appointment to meet up.

I wish I were a child again and relive those childhood days, I miss the time I would fall asleep in the living room and find myself teleported into my bed, that till today still remains a mystery to me.

This got me wondering what would I do if I could be a kid for a day


Photo by Mohamed Abdelgaffar from Pexels

Considering the fact that being an adult is stressful it would be really relieving to just throw a huge tantrum at a shopping centre and just let all the anger and every bit of frustration out without a care in the world. Picture throwing a tantrum at Liffey valley next time you get there and imagine how you would feel.

                                                                                        BUY A BARBIE

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t know how many times I have passed by a Barbie doll and wished I could just play with it. Play dress up,  have a party, plan a wedding all in one day and simply escape into a world of innocent fantasy.

Let’s be realistic Ken and Barbie have always made a cute couple and it would be fun to relive these moments we had growing up.



Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

It would be an amazing feeling to go for grocery shopping and not have to push drag or carry the basket.

Quick confession, many times I see toddlers in that shopping trolley, I feel envious and wish I was in those trolleys been pushed along and all I have to do is see, smile and look cute.



As an adult we are constantly calculating our next step, how to get that perfect job, that pay rise, meet up with the deadlines and still look picture-perfect, as they would say ” never be caught unfresh”. Now picture how cool it would be to seat relax watch cartoon all day and the moment you get hungry cry……….Just lazy around without care because you know you can and look cute doing it


Without a doubt being an adult can be really stressful yet fulfiling but won’t it just be nice if life came with a reset, pause and rewind button; even if we only get 3 trials each.

There is no denying the fact that we all secretly sometimes miss being kids, but the question now is what would you do if you had 48hours to be a kid again?





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