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5 Tech Tips Everybody Should Know

Photopea: Photoshop alternative.

Photopea: Photoshop alternative.


The Internet is big, too big. It happens quite often that we end up missing on what this great media has to offer. Well lucky for you, I’m a nerd. Today we’ve listed for you 5 tech website that EVERYBODY, should know. From free online Photoshop to not having to register for any website again we have it all!




Created by an anonymous knight, this website is a game changer. Let me bring you a scenario: you’re online, you see that Trump did (insert racist/sexist action here) once again. You’re looking for an article online, and you find a great piece from the NY Times. Unfortunately, you can only read the intro, and you need to register to read it fully, not worth the trouble so you end up not reading it…

. If this scenario is familiar to you then Bug Me Not is for you. This website simply offers you credentials, for fees free websites, so now instead of closing your webpage sad and in lack of information, you can simply log in with the username and password that gave you!




Remember that great picture you took last summer? Blue sky, yellow sand and even a dolphin jumping at the back! Postcard worthy… well, until you see your cousin Georges laying on his SpongeBob towel on the bottom right of your picture… Thank you, George, once again you ruined it.

But no worries, you could simply Photoshop him out of the picture, right? Oh… Photoshop license is a 100€ a year? Ok, well, at least the memories are still here… Well not anymore! Photopea was created by someone who, just like you and me, simply couldn’t afford an Adobe license. Photopea is basically a free online Photoshop, accessible anywhere at any time, online. It seems too good to be true, but guys, it is. I’ve been personally using it for the past 2 months and trust me, it’s a game changer. If you are used to Photoshop, you will see that the layout is almost exactly the same so you won’t be lost. For those who never used Photoshop well, do like we all did and go find a tutorial on YouTube, maybe one day you’ll be the Photoshop Photopea master.




This is an amazing website where you can find your soulmate! No, of course, it’s not, just look at the name it says it all. Tired of getting your Gmail spammed with thousands of useless notifications, from a website you don’t even care about? Well, 10 minutes’ email is simple, it will create you an email address, that last 10 minutes! It allows you to register, confirm your email, and then never worry about spam/ad/annoying classmate again! (Yes Just Eat I know I’m getting fat, stop reminding me)



4 Delete your emails, save the Pandas!

That must be the lamest catchphrase ever made… but the idea is here. First of all, you need to know that complex carbon footprint is hardly precise, and most generally guess but still. According to McAfee, 78% percent of email received are spam or ‘undesired’, grossly 62 trillion of them are sent each year, requiring approximately 33bn kilowatt hours, or in other words, way too much. There isn’t much we can do about the spams (except for tip number 3 ;)) but there is one thing we can do: delete them. When an email stays on your address, it is stored on a server, a server that, of course, uses electricity to keep running. The more emails you have, the bigger your ‘server’ needs to be, the more it consumes electricity.

Ok now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that deleting your birthday emails from last year will lower the world temperature by a degree, but you know, every small step count!



5 Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’, subreddit.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Reddit, you need to be. Reddit created in 2005, is a massive sharing platform. If you check Wikipedia it’s ‘an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website’

Or in other words, it’s everything. On Reddit you can find the weird, the cute, the funny from all the internet, it’s basically a giant forum with one of the most active community the internet has ever seen if you don’t have a Reddit account yet, just make one, trust me, another world is out there.

Enough with Reddit, let’s talk about the subreddit ‘Ask me anything’. A subreddit is a thread around any given subject. In this case, the trend consists of people offering to answer any question. Why would it be useful you might wonder, well, when for example the editor in chief of the Times, or when Barack Obama answers questions (yes really), it gets really interesting…  The Reddit community has such an impact that a lot of ‘famous’ people decide to answer them directly!


That’s it for today ! Hope you discovered at least one website thanks to us.

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