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4 types of passengers you meet at the airport

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When you walk into an airport – any airport, you come in contact with people from all walks of life. It is amazing to note that there are no two passengers that are the same. People traveling by air can be categorised in four different ways:

The proactive

These passengers are often frequent flyers who understand the routine for air travel. Their transition from checking-in, to boarding and disembarking is always smooth. They weigh their baggage at home before travel, have their passports and tickets at hand, and sometimes are already checked in. They know the rules for air travel and adhere strictly to it, especially the dimensions and weight for carry-on baggage and put out their laptops and phones on trays at security check without being told; basically any mistake can cause them delays and they don’t want that.

The unprepared

Passengers in this category are never prepared, they stall other passengers, hold up a queue because sometimes the don’t they cannot find their boarding passes or its tucked somewhere in their baggage. Airport security takes a longer time screening them, as they have to rearrange their baggage and put stuff where they are supposed to be.

The latecomers

These passengers are always in a hurry because they are late for check-in and boarding. They almost never make it to the aircraft sometimes but if they do, they inconvenience other passengers who are already on-board as they have to find space for their carry-on baggage and shuffle past people to get to their seat.

The packrats

These kinds of passengers cannot differentiate between carry-on and checked baggage. According to all airline rules and regulations, airline passengers have set baggage allowance, these category of airline travellers for some strange reason carry a lot of bags, sometimes even more than the required weight per baggage needed for air travel. They get on the plane with oversized carry on bag and take over an entire overhead bin.

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