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4 Travel Destinations in Turkey other than Istanbul

Image by Adri Marie from Pixabay

When someone speaks about Turkey, the first city that comes in mind is Istanbul. Most people even think that Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey when it actually is Ankara. On the other hand, people always travel to Istanbul when wanting to visit Turkey. Although it is not overrated, it is worthy to think about travelling to all the other beautiful cities in the country. In this article, you will find the 4 different cities/towns that you can travel to after the Covid-19 travelling restrictions. They are definitely worth the visit.

1- Foca Town/Izmir

Foca is a small town in one of Turkey’s biggest coast cities Izmir. With its beautiful sea and historical houses, you will have the most amazing historical time of your life feat the sunset.

2- Fethiye/Mugla

Fethiye is a big city in Mugla province. It is known for the beautiful beaches and the kindest people. You will be completely amazed to see how natural beauty and the city life can come together in such a beautiful way.

3- Urgup Town/Nevsehir

Unlike Foca and Fethiye, Urgup does is not on the seaside. Here, you will witness the nature’s wonders called “fairy chimneys” and have the biggest breakfast in your life watching the hot air balloons paint the sky.

4- Ephesus/Izmir

Ephesus is also in Izmir. It is an ancient town where the ancient Greek civilisation took place dating Before Christ. It is now in ruins however thinking about how many years had passed since people lived here, the structures look pretty strong and in place. Ephesus city tour will take you back to the times where people were worshipping Ancient Greek Gods which we now study as mythology.

There are many other wonders to visit in Turkey, a lot of food to eat, a lot of history to see. It is important to keep in mind that the cliche places are not always the best places to visit when travelling to a new country. If you don’t want to experience frustrating travel delays, hire a private jet charter at Jettly.

Comment down below if you have visited any of these places or if this article was useful in guiding you for your post Covid-19 travelling plans!

Safe travels!

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