4 Incredible Wines To Try This April

There are many benefits to working in an off license/vintners, but easily the best perk is access to try some of the incredible wines that are on offer every month. At our monthly staff tastings we get to sample a selection of wines that will be discounted for the month, and for April there are some absolute crackers, all available at an O’Briens off license.


Luna Argenta

13WITA014A stunning Italian wine made by producers MGM, this red is incredibly rich with gorgeous concentrated fruit. Made from the Negroamaro and stunning Pimitivo grapes, this wine is made using semi-dried grapes, using the Appassimento method that is so key on making Amarone, the most incredible Italian wines. This increases the sugar content of the grapes the increase flavour.

The Luna Argenta has been the wine that I have recommended probably the most to customers not only because of its incredible quality, but also because of its price. At €12.99 down from €18.49 you’re getting a wine that punches far, far above its weight. It’s a simply stunning wine, a great example of why, for me, Italian wine is king right now. The juiciness, fruitiness and intense flavours of Italian wines is simply impossible to beat for me.

Luna Argenta will go incredibly well with spicy food, meaty dishes and mature cheddar. For me it’s perfectly balanced in terms of weight in that it’s substantial enough to stand out even with food, while also not being too overbearing to drink on its own. An absolute must-buy for those who adore red wine.

 Rizzardi Munus Bardolino

Continuing the trend of gorgeous Italian reds, this wine is made by legendary producers Rizzardi 06WITA010and hails from the Bardolino region in Veneto. The winemaker is the incredibly prestigious Count Giuseppe Rizzardi. This wine is a fantastic representation of just what the Rizzardi family can do and its determination to achieve greatness in its wines.

Made from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Merlot, this is a complex wine with layers of rich, silky smooth blackberry and black cherry fruit. Its mouth-watering juiciness again expresses just what Italian wines are so good at. It’s oaked to achieve and extra layer of smoothness, and the reduction of Merlot in the 2012 vintage really helps this wine achieve the form it did a few years ago before Merlot was added to the blend.

At €14.99 down from €21.49, this wine is an absolute steal for the level of quality. It works incredibly well with roast lamb, beef, stews or pies. Simply stunning.



Sauvingon.com Sauvignon Blanc


One of my favourite new white wines, this South African Sauvignon Blanc is a great example of the quality of wine that South Africa can produce. The grapes are grown in the Durbanville region, ensuring they benefit from the cooling sea breezes. Made by Thys Louw at the Diemersdal Wine Estate, owned by Louw’s family for six generations.

This is a white wine that’s very much in the New Zealand style of zingy, crisp flavours. Chief among those are green apple, tropical lime and passion fruit which gives this wine its own unique twist, while still remaining true to its inspiration.

An incredibly refreshing wine, it’s perfectly priced at €9.99 down from €14.99. Probably the most interesting and unique €9.99 white I’ve tried. Excellent.


Insight Sauvignon Blanc

The king of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs for me (certainly in its price range anyway), this 11WNZ004Astunning Marlborough white is the perfect expression of the New Zealand style. Made by former Cloudy Bay winemaker Eveline Frasier, this wine has prestige behind it and the taste to back it up.

It’s a single-vineyard wine, ensuring quality and flavour consistency in the grapes. Very aromatic, green herbaceous with hints of white flower, lime and passion fruity. Zesty and crisp, incredibly refreshing, utterly brilliant.

At €12.99 it’s the perfect wine for those who want to go beyond the usual quality bar and taste something that’s a fantastic representation of the New Zealand style.

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