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4 body-positive influencers you should be following

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Body positive is a term that’s thrown around a lot nowadays. The movement was originally started by people with bodies lesser seen in the mainstream, people with disabilities for example, but is now used by many. I can find it a little jarring at times to see thin and privileged bodies captioning their posts with #bodypositive (ahem- Rosanna Purcell), but I think that it shows that even the most conventionally “beautiful” among us feel the pressure to conform to strict and often unattainable beauty standards. These body positivity posts from traditionally attractive people can give momentum to the moment of accepting your body and looks, and they can also be relatable to some. However, if you’re a little bit tired of seeing fitness models bending over to show off a minuscule roll of fa,t and are craving authentic bodies and people you can see yourself reflected in, read on.

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair is a 22 year-old instagrammer with a passion for self-love and clothes. She wears fun and eclectic clobber often highlighting and showing off parts of her body like her thighs and stomach. I definitely have a similar body type to her and seeing her flaunt her curves gave me a lot of confidence especially after a friend turned quizzed me on why I don’t wear more loose-fitting clothing to hide my thighs and tum.

Jessica is also a must-follow for some serious style inspiration!

Chiddera Eggerue aka. The Slumflower

Author of two number 1 Sunday Times Bestsellers What a Time to be Alone (2018) and How to Get over a Boy (2020), Eggerue is the powerhouse that started the #saggyboobsmatter movement and has campaigned for body hair acceptance too. She doesn’t just focus on body positivity anymore but also touches on topics like racism, politics, dating and fashion as well. Follow her here.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a plus-size yogi and teacher who was catapulted into the spotlight by showing that not only thin bodies can perform yoga poses of incredible strength and flexibility. She’s starred on the cover of Cosmopolitan, has an awesome advice podcast and you can follow her lessons online (they’re often free!).

Sky Cubacub

Sky Cubacub makes clothing for queer, disabled, and trans folks of all shapes, sizes and ages. Be prepared for bright, dazzling colours and fun designs which are both unique and innovative. They also advocate for the rights of disabled, queer, and trans people and has been particularly vocal about access to covid vaccines. I also love their collection of gender non-conforming lingerie you can buy on Etsy. #notsponsored

If you are struggling with your body image or an eating disorder, there are people who can help. Check out the HSE website to find a suitable service near you.

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