3Arena – The Killers & Upcoming Events

After a spectacular performance by The Killers this weekend we look forward to these upcoming events at 3Arena before Christmas.

After five years of silence, they are finally back. The stage lights up in a spectacular geometric art show followed by the anticipating screams of thousands of The Killers fans. The images of a cracked up, deserted ground set the tone as we are introduced to the night’s first song, Wonderful Wonderful. This will be their 5th album after 2012s ‘Battle Born‘ with the new tour starting November in UK and Ireland.

The Circular talked to excited fan Erin Kennedy, who gained tickets only hours before the show.

“I have never heard the Killers live before but I have always dreamed of seeing them in concert with the release of their single, ‘Human’ in 2009.”

Her friend surprised her with tickets only hours before the show started. “I internally screamed with joy! I couldn’t believe it: I’d only heard incredible things about their concerts and I have not been to many concerts before, and I was so ecstatic at the thought of going to see the Killers live!”

I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way to the 3arena. I messaged my mum and brother and they were so jealous: my brother disowned me for a day

So how was the concert?

“It felt euphoric! The stage setup was magnificent: as a stage performer myself, I was blown away by the timeliness, perfectly thought out light and imagery pairings, rhythmic changes and brightly coloured lights. The Killers sounded better live than on their album which is an amazing feat. I was in a permanent state of awe and had goosebumps running down my spine throughout the concert.”


Has the music changed a lot with the new album?

“It’s a little more experimental as many of the songs change rhythm and sound in their duration. However, their music is still as emotionally expressive as ever and their lyrics are still incredibly raw.”

I could feel the beats in my chest as my eyes were overwhelmed by the pictures around me. I loved every second of the concert! I was so blessed to be in attendance!


3Arena is going into full Christmas mode as we take a look at some of their upcoming events.

21 November – James Arthur (tickets from €37)

24 November – Queens of the Stone Age (tickets from €50.65) 

25 November – Queen and Adam Lambert (tickets from €87) 

26 November – Royal Blood (tickets from €32.50) 

27 November – James Blunt (tickets from €46.05) 

28 November – Kasabian (tickets from 49.50) 

The Killers in 3Arena. Credit: Sunniva Batalden
The Killers in 3Arena. Credit: Sunniva Batalden

30 November – Bryson Tiller 

6 December – Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets – In concert (tickets from €54.65) 

8-9 December – Andre Rieu (tickets from €45) 

14-17 December – Good mourning Mrs Browns (tickets from €30.50) 

19 December – 2FM XMAS BALL IN AID OF ISPCC (tickets from €39.50) 

22 December – Imelda May (tickets from €44) 

Missed The Killers show? Check out their other tour dates and tickets (HERE). 

Looking forward to any of the events before Christmas? Let us know in a comment below! 



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