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How to style your jackets and coats

It’s just March and we’ve already experienced one of the toughest weather, a snowstorm which was named “beast from the east” but we all weathered through it and therefore makes the anticipation for summer even high.

Even though we are all waiting for summer impatiently I might add, the weather is still very much cold and we all must dress to protect ourselves against the cold. Regardless of that, it doesn’t mean we should dress without style.

Here are five different ways ladies can wear their different coats and jackets and still look stylish

1) The ever so stylish “leather Jacket” aka “biker jacket”

Always make sure you wear a cardigan underneath the jacket, that way you feel warm and still look stylish because it is hidden underneath the jacket.

The Biker Jacket. Photo credit : Janet Olufemi

2) The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat can be worn in multiple ways and still look stylish. Ladies wear as many warm clothes underneath , no one has to know.

The Trench Coat. Photo credit: Janet Olufemi

3) The Trench Coat and Hoodie

As I previously said , a trench coat can be paired with other clothing and still look stylish

The Trench Coat and Hoodie. Photo credit: Janet  Olufemi

4) The Parka Coat

The Parka is one of the warmest jacket and because of the way it is sewn, you can wear as may clothes underneath and ladies no one has to know.

The Parka Coat. Photo credit: Janet Olufemi

5) The Puffer Jacket with fur

This is one of the most popular jackets and with this you can also pair with other clothing just make sure you wear warm clothes underneath as well

The Puffer Jacket. Photo credit: Janet Olufemi

Ladies never forget to wear as many tops underneath your jacket but make sure you wear a really nice top or sweater on it and no one has to know how you are keeping yourself warm.

Leave your comments in the section be low and let’s know which jacket is your favourite and how you will pair it.

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