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30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.

In a random order, I have collected thirty things one should do before one clock thirty years of age. These activities are based on my personal recommendation. It all depends on the activities you feel comfortable with and you will like to try before you clock 30. Growing older is a blessing and a life lived fulfilled is the best feeling one could ever get. Life lived with so many adventures and positive challenges are all ingredients which allows us to appreciate our lives the more. Having a life whereby you have stories to tell, impact lives, have a legacy and a life whereby you treat yourself right.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters from Unsplash.


1.Attend a Dance Class. To attend a dance class can be therapeutic and refreshing. As we grow older, we tend to realise that we have lots of responsibilities and sometimes dancing helps calm the tension in our minds. Dance enable the expression of emotions. If you do not know how to dance, go to a dance class that allows you make mistakes. It depends on the dance you like, whether it is ballet, contemporary, afro or Zumba. The energy you get from your fellow dancers in a dance class cheering you on can also help build your confidence level. It will assist in letting go and been attuned with your happiness.

Woman stretching her leg.
Photo by Beto Franklin from Pexels.

2.Pursue a Passion. Before you clock 30, ensure you pursue that passion, as long as it is a positive one. If you wish to sing, take singing classes, improve on your singing skills and make an album. Even if you do not want to be a singer, make that album and put it on your phone. Waking up to your voice as an alarm will boost your confidence. You will wake up and be ready to conquer the world. That passion of yourself that you have always wanted to pursue as a child, revisit it and do it.

3.Go on a Solo Trip. You need to solo travel to your favourite destination in the world. If there is a place you had always wanted to visit, save up for that cause. Plan your trip well, so that you get the most out of your experience and take a camera along. If you prefer to take pictures with your camera, please do and you could document your experiences through a video. In such a way you are creating memories and keeping them as well. Check the embedded blog post from ‘World of Wanderlust’ for tips on how to solo-travel for the first time.

How to travel Solo for the First Time (20 top tips)

4.First Class. It all depends on your budget, if you want to cruise on the ship, go on a road trip or fly on the plane, do ensure to get First class. However, flying first class does not necessarily guarantee happiness, but nonetheless, do ensure that you make your trip as comfortable as possible. If you wish to go on a road trip, get the best bus transportation and pay for it. If it is train transportation you prefer, get the best one.

First class flight meal
Photo by Matt Pek from Flickr

5.Have a glamorous Photoshoot. Have a photoshoot if you have not had one. Get yourself beautiful outfits and make an album of your own. Smile and strike a pose, you deserve it. You could turn the pictures from the photoshoot into frames or make a picture story out of them. Have one of the frames in your room or any place you wish to hang the frame. However, do ensure that you are the one who gives the photographer an idea of photoshoot that you want and not the other way round. An example is the video below by ‘ Pedro Sandrini’ from Pexels.


6. Volunteer your time. It will be good if you volunteer your time towards a good cause. This will help your mental state and appreciate your life the more. This will also help you in contributing to the society in your own little way, if it is to join a charity organisation or a non-profit organisation which helps the less privilege, kindly do it. Do what makes you happy by putting smiles on other people’s faces. Check out the podcast below by ‘Have fun Do Good: Volunteer, Social Impact Podcast’ to find out ways in which you can make volunteering fun.


7. Learn a new Language. There are always certain languages which wish we could speak, perhaps because of the rhythm or intonation. However, you can include this on your list and learn that language.

8. Join an Association. Join that association or club which is relevant to your career and which have your best interest at heart. This will help your networking and allow you to make new friends.

9. Journal your thoughts and Ideas. If you have an idea, journal it or if you have a particular thought in your mind, pen it down, as this will help in your personal development and productivity.

10. Learn a new skill. Join a class and learn that new skill, either it is baking, cooking, pottery or sewing. Learn that skill before you clock 30. If you are into baking, you could learn form ‘Jamie Oliver’. An example of his video is embedded below.


11. Mentor Someone. There are several ways in which you can mentor someone, it could be in the form of a book, blog, podcast or vlog. Just make sure that you leave an imprint in someone’s heart and that you impact someone positively.

12. Do something Beautiful for a Child. You can buy that good book for that child which you feel is special, pay for that class for that child which you feel is talented or buy that new musical instrument for that child which you feel is musically gifted. Be someone that believes and invests in the younger generation.

13. Forgive that person who wronged you. Forgiveness will definitely go a long way, so that person which hurt you or offended you, call them and sort out your differences. Live your life peacefully without any grudge.

14. Get a Spa treatment. Try as much as possible to get a spa treatment before you clock 30. Clock your eyes and allow yourself to be pampered. This activity will make you happy and also increase your confidence.

Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

15. Love your body. Try as much as possible to embrace and love your body. If you wish to lose weight, do so before you clock 30. Most people get discouraged easily when they are on a weight loss journey because they refused to love their body regardless. Your body will return the gesture when you love it during your weight loss journey. If you wish to add weight, invest in a good doctor to help you and if you feel you have nothing to change about your body, then fall in love with your body, soul and mind.

16. Invest in your mental health. Do not make the mistake of investing in your physical health, whereas neglecting your mental health. Whenever, you are stressed, take a step backwards and visit your therapist. Surround yourself with people you love and take care of your mind.

17. Throw yourself a party. Whenever you have an accomplishment, throw yourself that party. Congratulate yourself and pat yourself at the back. Celebrate yourself in any way you feel is the best way to.

Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels.

18. Face your fears. If there is that thing that gets you scared, visit your therapist when you are ready to face that fear. When your therapist gives you the go ahead, please face that fear as long as it is a logical thing to do. You will be proud of yourself afterwards.

19. Relive your special childhood memories. If you have that childhood memory that you wish to have again. Relive it once again because life is too short to care about what people thinks. It doesn’t make you childish but instead makes you someone who is in control of his or her happiness.

20. Get a Pet. If you love pets, buy a pet and love it. It could be a dog, rabbit, cat or a bird, as long as the pet you wish to get is not dangerous and it is a friendly pet to your children, and that is  if you have kids.

21. Go on a reasonable Shopping Spree. Go on that shopping spree and pamper yourself.

Photo by from Pexels

22. Redecorate your room or house. Redecorate your room or give your house a face lift. Add beautiful paintings, arts and decor to your personal space and give your room a new look. You can get beautiful decor items from Ikea.

23. Attend a ball. If you have not attended a ball event before, do ensure that you attend one before you clock 30 and unleash your inner cinderella or any magical side of you that is waiting to be unleashed. Dress up and attend the ball with your significant other or friends.

24. Visit an Art Gallery. Appreciate art and unveil your inner artist. You can look for an art gallery close to you and visit it. An example is this non copyrighted video from ‘Pexels’.


25. Seek Medical help for that Addiction. If there is that addiction that makes you sad all the time or rob you of your peace, do yourself a good favour and get medical help. Make yourself proud and happy and reach out to a medical professional that will help you.

26. Go to a Five Star Restaurant.  Pleasure your taste buds and indulge your five senses as you dine in a five star restaurant. You could go with your significant other or go alone to dine.

27. Let go of Toxic People. Anyone who is toxic to you, be it friends or a significant other, let go of them. I do not mean that you harm them or do something which you will regret or illegal in any way. However, what I mean that you let go of anyone who will complicate your life and do protect your space.

28. Go for a fashion Show. Experience the side of the world which has to do with fashion, luxury and grandeur. Visit a fashion show even if you do not plan to buy any of the fashion items displayed on the model’s body.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

29. Go to an Opera Show. Go with someone to an opera show and experience art in its purest form. From the singing, to the acting, gestures and beauty, going for an opera show is something you will definitely not want to miss.

30. Invest in that Idea. Invest in that great idea of yours, either it is a business idea or any form of idea which you have. As long as your idea is for a good cause, invest in it. Take that leap of faith and invest in yourself. This embedded youtube video explains how you can invest in your idea.


That concludes the list for the thirty things you could do before you clock 30. However, this list is a suggestion and it is best not to do what you are not comfortable with. It is not compulsory to do everything on the list but doing at least five things from the list could prove rewarding.

Kindly comment down below the things you will want to do from the list before you clock 30.

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