3 reasons to get a college degree in Ireland

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Although studies have a considerable cost for students, obtaining a college degree can bring long-term benefits. Today, one in three adults have a college degree that may enable them to access more opportunities. In the image of successful entrepreneurs, a college degree is not a requirement for entry into working life but it does make it more attractive on the labour market.

1. A college degree promotes access to more opportunities

Graduating from college may be an advantage to be more attractive on the labour market. According to a research carried by Georgetown University, graduates have access to 57% more opportunities than non graduates. Jobs requiring a college degree are also more highlighted on internet, while 80% of job opportunities for bachelor’s or master’s appear online, only 50% of jobs requiring a high school diploma are advertised online.

2. Wages for degree holders are more likely to be high

The rule explains that the higher the level of education, the higher the chances of getting a high wage. According to the Independent, graduates earn two third more than non graduates in Ireland. In 2021, a study published by the Higher Education Authority also showed that graduates from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Dublin City University (DCU) and University College Dublin (UCD) have the highest average wages in the early years of their professional career.

3. Greater job satisfaction

One of the advantages of having a university degree is that you are more likely to be satisfied with your work in the long term. In the US, 86% of college graduates consider their job see their work as a potential long-term career. However, a college degree is also more likely to make the employer satisfied with the work of its employees. A Fitzpatrick Associates study shows that 4 in 5 employers is satisfied by the technical knowledge of their employees with a university degree in Ireland.

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