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3 of YouTubes best professional wrestling channels you must check out now!

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If you are a pro wrestling fan like I am, growing up in the early 2000s there was not much content other than the array of magazines that you would try to beg your Mam to get you. For other sources of entertainment and sport, they had designated shows discussing the news that was circulating weekly. Pro Wrestling had nothing not until 2005 and the birth of YouTube did real fans decide to make videos. these mavericks decided to start discussing, reviewing, and debating the world of professional wrestling, a number of these innovators have come and gone from the YouTube scene but their message lives on. Here at the Circular, we list 3 of our favorites right now.

3. Whatculture Wrestling

WhatCulture Wrestling is a channel created back in 2014 that has gone through many changes over the years, presenters and shows have come and gone but what has remained consistent is the fantastic content that the YouTube channel produces. The channel offers an analysis of all things pro wrestling. Including excessive reviews and interesting insight into wrestling past and present. The channel puts together shows that debate and discuss some of the major moments in wrestling history. The channel focuses mainly on WWE and AEW but can stray away and look into other promotions too. The content is delivered with an entertaining tongue-in-cheek style that all wrestling fans can enjoy. Below are some of the cool stuff the guys have been up to.

2. Wrestling Bios

If you are a retro wrestling fan and love and appreciate wrestling from the 80s,90s, and 2000s, this is the channel for you. Wrestling Bios has been delivering content on YouTube for several years, and the content gets better each year. from comprehensive reviews of some of wrestling’s obscure merchandise and video games. The channel also goes deep into detail and views intricate and thorough bios of professional wrestlers, storylines, and controversies throughout the decades, when you check Wrestling Bios out you will realize how much information he truly delves into and you may discover areas of wresting history you didn’t know. this channel is a fantastic source for any wrestling fan with catchy soundtracks of remixed entrance music you will surely be hooked. The channel is most famous for the YouTube series Reliving the War where the channel rewatches Classic Monday Night Raw and WCW Nitro’s from the late 90s and gives some interesting and entertaining insight. This channel is still quite undiscovered and is starting to gain a bigger audience be sure to check Wrestling Bios out you will not be disappointed.

1. Cultaholic

Cultaholicis a channel launched in 2017 when former Whatcultures presenters decided to create their wrestling channel. Presenters Adam, Ross Tom, and Sam began creating new innovative and fresh content that casual and hardened wrestling fans could enjoy. Culthaolics content is vast and gives new updated content daily. The channel reviews all the major wrestling events including WWE and AEWs weekly shows and their PPVs. The channel offers so much more than reviews, however, and in ways is like the Sky Sports News of wrestling, with constant breaking news and updates the channel is always on the button in the world of professional wrestling. As well as offering daily news updates, Culthaholic creates a list, rankings, and challenge videos. But the most popular content the guys create and why it gets the number one spot is the sublime documentary-style videos they make diving into some of the most interesting and controversial moments in wrestling history. Culthaholic offers some quality material regularly and is a must that wrestling fans must check out

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