28 day fitness plan. Day 7 of 28

Kettlebells - Photo Credit Hobbies on a Budget
Kettlebells - Photo Credit Hobbies on a Budget

So last week I mentioned what kind of preparation I was doing before embarking on a 28 day fitness plan. Here I am, 7 days in. Here’s what I have learned so far.

Working out - Photo Credit CCFoodTravel.com
Working out – Photo Credit CCFoodTravel.com

First off, preparation really is key

The only time I went off track this week was when I had failed to prep my meals the night before. 6pm came and off home I went to do an evening workout. After this, food time. Because I didn’t have anything prepped, I was tired and I was hungry I ended up eating something that wasn’t on the plan. One day, no harm done, but this proved to me how important prepping was.

H2O on the go

I started off well, bringing big bottles of water to work but one day I forgot my water. As a result I was tempted to get some Lucosade. I didn’t but temptation wouldn’t of creeped into my mind if I had my water on standby in my new favorite water infuser bottle. Lesson learned.

Bed time is my favourite time of day

Between working full time, preparing blog posts and my new exercise routine, bedtime has become my favourite time of day. After a busy day going to bed early is a must. And having a good nights sleep means a productive next day. The only problem I have had with evening workouts is I’m finding it hard to switch off. Although lying in bed relaxing is nice, getting to sleep has been a problem. To counteract this I’m going to attempt more morning workouts this week.

Keep notes

My 28 day plan instructor mentioned the importance of keeping notes. He was right. I wrote down every detail of my workouts last week, as a result I have a goal to beat this week.

Awesome Notebook - Photo Credit Rachel Kramer Bussel
Awesome Notebook – Photo Credit Rachel Kramer Bussel

Epsom salts are amazing <3

My body wasn’t used to working out 6 days of 7, therefore the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) kicked in. I work in a pharmacy so I knew straight away to reach for the Epsom salts. An Epsom salt bath a week can help keep the DOMS at bay. Click here are some other tips.

There it is, 5 lessons I learned last week. Here’s hoping week 2 goes as well.


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