Open the Debate: Abortion

Repeal the 8th Rally

Abortion, the word that everyone seems to be fearful of.  Why? It happens. Have we forgotten the case of Savita Halappanavar in 2012, where we saw a young woman lose her life due to the complications surrounding abortion in Ireland. Every day women have to travel to get an abortion, be it for medical reasons or personal. It’s not an easy choice, so why add to the difficultly of an already difficult situation. Why are so many afraid to discuss it?

Repeal the 8th Rally
Repeal the 8th Rally. Photo Credit: Sandra 

Regardless of one’s stance on abortion, be it pro-life or pro-choice we should all have a voice when it comes to a referendum. I was shocked after watching Vincent Browne question the newly elected Jack Chambers (FF), on if he was willing to push the 8th amendment to a referendum. He said no, simply because he did not agree with it personally. But, if I remember correctly, we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. People in power should not allow their own personal opinion to cloud their judgement when talking about the people of Ireland.


When I first watched this video I was outraged. Outraged because he said that it shouldn’t go to a public vote simply because HE is pro-life. Many people were shocked because he said that he was pro-life. But I admire someone who will voice their personal opinion even when it’s deemed ‘unpopular’ by the majority.

Social media has made it okay for people to basically bully others on their views. Proof of this was during the marriage referendum. If anyone uttered that they supported the No side, they were instantly greeted with disgusted looks and a tirade of abuse. Instead of an intelligent debate.

A friend of mine told me that I should have been disgraced with my county because it was one that received the lowest yes votes. When there is a lack of youth, a high aging population who are set in their ways what else do you expect?  That doesn’t reflect my views, and if it did so be it.

Marriage Equality
Marriage Equality. Photo Credit: Charles Hutchins

I don’t think anyone should be judged on their opinion unless they are ramming it down your throat. Then, by all means judge.

If you are pro-choice or pro-life, you should’t let this cloud your opinion on the 8th. If there is a referendum then you get your chance to vote. It was the same with the marriage referendum. Regardless if you agreed or disagreed you get the chance to vote, because we are a democracy.

So what are the chances of a referendum? Well, before that can begin our government need to sort themselves out. During, the elections we saw the polls about repealing the 8th. Labour made it a key part of its election campaign and refused to go into government with Fine Gael if there was no commitment on the issue. Enda Kenny promised that if he was reelected as Taoiseach that a referendum would be put in place.

Only time will tell.


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