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April 22, 2021

7 mostly used product type

Skin care refers to a collection of procedures that help to maintain the skin’s integrity, improve its appearance, and relieve skin conditions. Cosmetics, botulinum toxin,

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photo of doctor checking on her patient

4 Uterine-Lining Conditions Unaware To So Many

I sincerely hope that this post saves someone from a late diagnosis of the mentioned conditions because women tend to endure abdominal pain and normalize with the baseless myth of how period cramping is normal or heavy bleeding that is caused due to loss of a monozygotic egg as periods.

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Covid 19 Vaccine Roll-out in Ireland

The COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland is part of the major COVID-19 pandemic caused by coronavirus 2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome) (SARS-CoV-2). The virus arrived in the

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6 healthy facts about Date

Date or date palm also known as Phoenix dactylifera, is a flowering plant in the Arecaceae palm family that is grown for its edible sweet

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The Nigerian Grammy Debate

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, held on March 14 in Los Angeles, California, was a night to remember for Africa, as Nigerian music phenomenon Damini

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Top 3: Indie Games for newcomers

Created by small companies with less than 20 employees, the Indie Games genre has become one of the most well-acclaimed in the last generation due

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