May 2020

Welcome to the United States

A Media landscape that is rooted in capitalism, industrialism, and technology. “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who

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Harry Potter’s on Spotify!

Harry Potter is still a growing brand and culturally relevant even now nine years after the last movie was released and thirteen years since the

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Social Work During Covid-19

In almost every country t social workers are working for the communities that are affected by the impact of Covid-19. Social well is responding very

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Female education in Africa has been a significant challenge, where many girls are denied opportunities to enroll in schools or higher education. Many researchers agree

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Netflix comedy gold.

I think we all need a laugh now and then, now more so than then these days but whatever.   Good news! Netflix has delivered in

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The Best of Azarbaijan

1  BAKU 1 Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, features as one the first tourist destination to visit. A late 19th century inner city with architectural

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