2013 Smedias: Who benefited the most?


The 2013 Smedias was a great event to attend. The question though is who got the most out of it. Well here is a synopsis of the awards, the crowd and hosts.

Trinity College won the most awards that night with a total  of eight awards out of the thirty three that were offered. They also won the most print  awards at a total of four.

In the line of photography, Griffith College Dublin won the awards swiping three out of four of the awards available in that division.

NUI Galway was the only college to win two awards for film.

Here are a few side notes of who won was the best at what division.

Most eccentric crowd: While a tough decision, it has to go to DCU for standing up clapping for the second half of the awards.

Best host: The Viper from Hardy Bucks for keeping the crowd  quiet not once but twice.

Best quip: Tim Vaughan from the Irish Examiner for his joke about being diccult to replace Jedward for  a man with no hair showing that broadsheet journalists do have a sense of humour.

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