15 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Yourself

"Who Doesn't Love Birthday Cake?" - Photo Credit: S. Elizabeth (Flikr)

1. Stop Being Scared to Make a Mistake

There is a trail of failures behind every success story.

"A Little Help" - Photo Credit: Jenn Durfey (Flikr)
“A Little Help” – Photo Credit: Jenn Durfey (Flikr)

2. Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Old Mistakes

It’s better to say “Oh no!” than “What if?”

"Deleting Mistakes" - Photo Credit: TerranceDC (Flikr)
“Deleting Mistakes” – Photo Credit: TerranceDC (Flikr)

3. Stop Trying to Buy Yourself Happiness

There are more important things than money and material objects. Like cake.

"Who Doesn't Love Birthday Cake?" - Photo Credit: S. Elizabeth (Flikr)
“Who Doesn’t Love Birthday Cake?” – Photo Credit: S. Elizabeth (Flikr)

4. Stop Acting Like Everything is Fine When It Isn’t

You would be amazed at what might happen if you knock on a door or make a phone call to speak out about a problem you have.

Making Mistakes
Making Mistakes

5. Stop Trying to do Everything for Everyone

Try doing things for yourself. Then, if you have time left over, help everyone else out.

"Multi Tasking" - Photo Credit: Chim Chim (Flikr)
“Multi Tasking” – Photo Credit: Chim Chim (Flikr)

6. Stop Following the Path of Least Resistance

Nothing magnificent ever came from the inside of a comfort zone.

"Decisions, a Fork in the Road" - Photo Credit: antwerpenR (Flikr)
“Decisions, a Fork in the Road” – Photo Credit: antwerpenR (Flikr)

7. Stop Trying to Make Things Perfect

There’s no such thing.

"Perfect" - Photo Credit: (BigKidsLoveToys (Flikr)
“Perfect” – Photo Credit: BigKidsLoveToys (Flikr)

8. Stop Doing the Same Things Over and Over Again Without Giving Yourself a Break

Life would become monotonous, spice it up a little every now and then! What’s the worst that could happen?

"Eat Sleep Rave Repeat" - Photo Credit: HyperXP.com (Flikr)
“Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” – Photo Credit: HyperXP.com (Flikr)

9. Stop Putting Your Own Needs on the Back-burner

It’s like when you’re on a plane and the air-hostess is telling you what to do in an emergency; put your own mask on before attending to children or others.  How can you be expected to be of use to anybody if you’re not safe and well to begin with?

"Procrastination" - Photo Credit: Reynante Martinez (Flikr)
“Procrastination” – Photo Credit: Reynante Martinez (Flikr)

10. Stop Lying to Yourself

Lying to yourself breeds self-loathing and an inability to be comfortable when alone.

"Making Yourself Forget Never Works" - Photo Credit: benchilada (Flikr)
“Making Yourself Forget Never Works” – Photo Credit: benchilada (Flikr)

11. Stop Spending Time with the Wrong People

They’ll change you for the worse.

"The Light Fantastic" - Photo Credit: Karl Gunnarsson (Flikr)
“The Light Fantastic” – Photo Credit: Karl Gunnarsson (Flikr)

12. Stop Trying to be Someone You’re Not

What’s the point of making a duplicate of someone’s personality? They already exist, the world needs the real you to keep it interesting.

"Someone You're Not" - Photo Credit: gimmeahighfive (Flikr)
“Someone You’re Not” – Photo Credit: gimmeahighfive (Flikr)

13. Stop Holding Onto Your Pain from the Past

It will kill you slowly.

"Let Go" - Photo Credit: deeplifequotes (Flikr)
“Let Go” – Photo Credit: deeplifequotes (Flikr)

14. Stop Depending on Others to Make You Happy

Self-respect and enjoying your own company is the key to happiness.

"Enjoying Your Own Company" - Photo Credit: bulldog1 (Flikr)
“Enjoying Your Own Company” – Photo Credit: bulldog1 (Flikr)

15. Stop Allowing Yourself to be Idle

You know there are adventures to be had, people to be met, things to be done, classes to go to etc., so go do it! You have the rest of your life to be idle if you so choose.

"Lazy" - Photo Credit: The Queen of Subtle (Flikr)
“Lazy” – Photo Credit: The Queen of Subtle (Flikr)

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