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15 of the best spice bags in Dublin

The Spice bag has become an adored meal across Ireland in the last few years.

Looking for the perfect takeaway meal on a Friday night? Spice bag.

Looking for some comfort food? Spice bag.

Looking for a quick and tasty meal after a long day at work? Spice bag.

The Instagram page named agentspicebag has been reviewing spice bags around Dublin for the last couple of years. The agentspicebag page takes a number of factors into consideration when reviewing each order. Underneath each spice bag picture posted, the caption will contain the name of the restaurant it was ordered followed by a detailed description of:
1. Delivery – How quick/much was the delivery service?
2. Spice – How spicy was it?
3. Chicken – How did the chicken taste?
4. Chips – How did the chips taste?
5. Overall – An overall rating of the spice bag is given out of a 10.0 scale.

The Circular compiled 15 of the best rated spice bags from this page and created the below maps. The first map below shows them organised by rating and the second map shows them organised by price.

How to read the map:
-Each marker represents a restaurant
-Each spice bag has a rating
Blue: Spice bag was rated from 7.0-7.5
Pink: Spice bag was rated from 7.5-8.0
Yellow: Spice bag was rated over 8.0

How to read the map:
-Each marker represents a restaurant
Blue: Spice bag costs from 6-7
Pink: Spice bag costs from 7-8
Yellow: Spice bag costs from 8-10

By clicking on an individual marker you can see the:
-Place name
-Date of review
-Rating out of 10.0 scale

Note: This information was gathered on 11th April 2019. Information may have changed since then.

Note: All information for these maps were gathered from the agentspicebag instagram page and each resturants respective websites and pages.

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