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15 little steps that could change the world

Credit: marfis75 (flickr)

With our lifestyle and our way of life, we are irrevocably destroying our planet. Everyone knows and nobody really does anything about it. Scientists have warned us for decades, but we did not take it seriously or seriously enough.

Credit: marfis75 (flickr)

The melting Arctic, the deforested rainforests, or the empty-fished seas. Much of the destruction is our fault. No one is willing to fight seriously against climate change, abandoning or changing our lavish and selfish lifestyle. We do not want to give up the luxury goods that today are so easily available to us. We would rather fly on holiday to Thailand than by car to a neighbouring country. Let’s take the car rather than the public transport to work. We would rather eat the exotic cuisine than the products of the region.

We should reconsider our ignorance. But everything starts with small steps. We have selected 15 of these steps for you. Read, understand and apply these in everyday life:

Use less paper. Trees are felled to make paper out of it. Print on both sides, that makes a big difference or even use paper that can be recycled.

Less plastic bottles. Every day we only use plastic bottles for a few seconds or minutes. But nobody knows that it takes up to 500 years that they’re completely removed.

Turn off the light. We do not need all the devices all the time, so we do not need to keep them turned on in a standby mode. Turn it off and save energy.

The garbage comes in the bin. Do not pollute our environment. Collect your own trash and dispose of it properly.

Credit: Indi Samarajiva (flickr)

Eat less meat. The transport of feed for animals ensures huge CO2 emissions. After all, low-cost animal feed often comes from Latin America. Eat meat from regional suppliers who also focus on the sustainability of the environment, or even eat less meat.

Regional shopping. Fruit, vegetables, and fish usually have many miles behind them before they are available in our supermarket. Buy regionally grown produce and sometimes refrain from exotic foods from afar.

Throw away less food. The most sustainable is conscious shopping. Who reduces food waste, not only protects the environment, but can also save money. Rather buy smaller quantities than throw away food at the end of the week. Also, the best before date is not to be taken literally.

Never drive alone. Do you have colleagues or friends who live nearby and need to head to work in the same direction? Then share the car.

Drive by public transport. Commuters which make their way to work by bus and train support the environment. Leave the car at home and read a book on the bus.

Renounce long-distance travel. Your own country or our neighbours also have nice places to relax. It does not always have to be the long-distance flight. If it does, then make it a social journey.

Social travel. It’s the way it is: vacation and sustainability do not go together so well. But you could then combine the pleasure with social commitment. There are several organisations that can help you get involved for a few hours or days around the world.

Avoid paper cups. Quickly the coffee is bought in a paper cup. Many coffee shops are quite ready to fill the coffee directly in the brought cup.

“Good morning!”. The day gets a lot better when you are greeted in the morning with a smiling word.

Say thank you. “Thank you!” – it is really easy.

Pay attention to the people. Has anyone lost something, is the zipper on the pants open or does anyone have something on their clothes that do not belong there? Say it, the stranger will be grateful.

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