14 ways of flirting even you (!) can do

Awkward or succesful first date? Photo Credit: NTB Scanpix
Awkward or succesful first date? Photo Credit: NTB Scanpix

Are you single and ready to mingle? Even though you’re ready to go all out, your brain might be more shy than you think (don’t worry, though – we’re all bad at flirting) and stops you from being that inner-flirt you imagine yourself to be.

For some, flirting is like a sixth sense, stepping forward as if they’ve never done anything else in their life. But for others, flirting can be the most awkward, horrible thing to witness and be a part of.

From both past experiences and friend’s tips, here are the best advice I can give you when it comes to flirting in a subtle, but effective way:

1. Get closer. A good sign of telling someone you’re interested, is to move closer to them and keep eye contact. Avoid the touching-of-thigh-when-laughing; it’s way too obvious.

2. Always keep  chewing gum in your pocket. Nothing starts a conversation like the good ol’ “want a gum?”

3. Make the date spontaneous. “I’m craving a McFlurry, you up for it?”


4. Tease them. When they ask a question, you go “what?” and they’ll lean in closer. When they repeat the question, go “what?” and they’ll lean even closer. Eventually they’ll get the joke and you’ll have something to talk about. Tada!

5. Exercise your flirting-game. Flirt with the cute waitress, the hot conductor on the train or your friend. Eventually you’ll be comfortable enough to actually flirt with the one you have eyes for.

6. Let them see that you’re looking at them.  When they find out, smile and show that you’re interested. (This works great on the train, the bus, across the street etc.)

7.  Act interested. When they’re talking about themselves, keep the conversation going with follow-up questions. Answer “aaah” and “oooh” to not interrupt them. Without realizing it, they’ll go ooon and on.

8. Learn a good joke. (Or one that’s so bad, it’s funny) You’ll always have an ice breaker or something to say during awkward silences.

9. Invite them on a date by accident. “What are you doing tonight?” “Whoops, sorry, that was for my friend. But what are you doing anyway? :)” Kaching!

10. Look at their outfit and ask about the logo, the label, the band, the movie or whatever. They’ll notice that you noticed.

11. Send a snap of a movie, a concert or an event that you’re going to. If they’re interested in the same things, you can ask them to tag along.

12. Flirt before you even meet. “Wear that blue sweater – it makes your eyes pop :)”

13. Make them (the good kind of) nervous. When they text you for the first time, reply “Who’s this?” and then follow up with “Just kidding, I know it’s you!” They’ll be addicted!

14.  Snap a movie poster and write “4pm – you in?”

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