12 Sure Signs That You Were a Part of MAJ 2014

  1. The mere mention of Immanuel Kant makes you want to curl up into a ball in the canteen and never move again. Also, you laugh at ridiculous ‘play-on-words’ type jokes that, in the real world, aren’t actually that funny …
text message


2. You just LOVE going to ONLINE journalism because you are PART of a group that SMASHED a quarter of a million views online.

Social Media Chart - Photo credit: ePublicist (flikr)
Social Media Chart – Photo credit: ePublicist (flikr)


3. This message has presented itself frequently in your inbox since September.

Slept In
Slept In


4. This is also something you would see quite often.

Can't Hack The Sesh
Can’t Hack The Sesh


5. The canteen food and coffee is beginning to taste good. Oh God.

Bagel - Photo credit: Wootang01 (Flikr)
Bagel – Photo credit: Wootang01 (Flikr)


6. You fondly refer to the Wellington building as ‘the Welly’.

The Welly Family - Photo credit: mikeyp2000 (Flikr)
The Welly Family – Photo credit: mikeyp2000 (Flikr)


7. You view the act of printing things off as an effort and a trek. Nothing goes right with any machine you use EVER, be it in the library or the Welly. There have been reports of you reciting your student log in details in your sleep.



8. Lunch from Spar is a treat. Noshington is the dining hall of kings. It’s just… you’re always… so… frickin’… HUNGRY!

Feast - Photo credit: Florian F. (Flikr)
Feast – Photo credit: Florian F. (Flikr)


9. If you smoke, you roll your own. And you try not to look like an idiot holding a conversation while a filter is hanging out of your mouth. (Note: we always look like idiots when trying to hold a conversation with a filter hanging out of our mouths.) Silk Cut Choice is a big deal down in the smoking area. That little *click* gives you such a thrill when you have actively made the choice (geddit?) to smoke menthol.

Rolling - Photo credit: Craig Anderson (Flikr)
Rolling – Photo credit: Craig Anderson (Flikr)
Rolling - Photo Credit: Fabio Salmoirago
Rolling – Photo Credit: Fabio Salmoirago (flikr)


10. You greet Dave with the biggest smile you can muster when you see him, as he frequents college the least out of all of us and probably has an interesting story about something that isn’t related to journalism, assignments, lack of sleep or chicken wraps.



11. You pretty much bursht with pride when you saw this.



12. You have been greeted like this by Barry Kane at some point in the academic year: “Why hello there! It’s me, Barry. Barry Kane.

King Baz
King Baz

It’s been a stressful but hilarious year and I’m so happy I met everyone in MAJ-FT-1314 (course code right there lads). I wish everybody all the best with everything they do, and how lucky I am to have had something that makes it so hard to say goodbye.

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