12 Stages of Writing a College Essay

What have I done!? - photo credit - Miguel Angel (Flickr)
What have I done!? - photo credit - Miguel Angel (Flickr)

Nothing encapsulates the college experience more than having to write an essay. There’s no fear like having to write a 2000 word expert analysis on a topic that you just learned about two hours ago.

What have I done!? - photo credit - Miguel Angel (Flickr)
What have I done!? – photo credit – Miguel Angel (Flickr)

But there are stages every student has to go through to complete that necessary evil. From procrastination to full on panic attack to the stage everyone, no matter what level of confidence they’re at, has to go through: the ‘It’ll do’ stage.

I’m sure that Hogwarts letter is coming any day now.


1. When you first hear about the essay due in a few weeks


Who cares! There’s plenty of time. No need to get stressed!


2. One week before it’s due and your lecturer is giving you tips on what to write about


There’s still SO MUCH time! Now, what’s new on Netflix?


3. Two days before the essay is due



4. The day before it’s due


I think it might be time to start no matter how much it may hurt.


5. Reading the essay question


Critical and comparative essay? Discuss? Analyse? Critically evaluate? Assess? What do these even mean? Why can’t they be straightforward questions? Can’t it be “Write down whatever you remember your lecturer telling you?”


6. Realizing you’re running out of time


Just get it done!


7. Trying to get out all the vast amounts of knowledge you obviously have in your head


That is a chair…I love lamp.


8. Trying to reach the impossible word count



9. Spending so long on part of the essay only to find it was only 50 words long



10. When you think this essay might turn out all right



11. When there’s just no time to read it over and edit


If I haven’t come back in time to stop myself from submitting it, how bad can it really be?


12. Last but not least, handing the essay in


The long night was completely worth it!

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