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10 unique things that make cultures around the world beautiful and colourful

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Ms. Josephine, a mother and a resident of Clondalkin in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday 18th of March, said that she believes culture makes the world beautiful and unique, each culture has its own .peculiarity that makes one unique from the other. She made this statement on Saturday while discussing on the beauty in culture.

Ms Josephine is a Nigerian and belongs to the Yoruba tribe, which speaks the Yoruba language. She said every culture has its own strong point none can be said to be greater than the other. she further explained that:

“Culture is universal among human being, groups and even exists among some primates. All cultures provide for the physical, emotional and social needs of their members, enculturate new members, resolve conflicts and promote survival for their members. Also culture makes the world beautiful, as different languages and, belief indicates different meaning, therefore different colours and culture transform the universe and makes it beautiful and unique”.

Photo by Luis Quintero for Pexel

Ten unique things that make cultures around the world beautiful and colourful

1 Culture is a way of life

This defines the identity of each person it forms an individual and determines how every person behaves and relates within or outside their respective community. Every community has an identity that differentiates it from the others.

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2. Different Languages spoken

Culture determines the language person speaks, each culture are differentiated by language and the language create uniformity to come together.

3 Various forms of food

The food common to one culture is different from the other and, each one has a unique taste . the preparation is different and the taste also give joy or bond to its member community.

4. Mode of greetings

The greetings in each culture create familiarity amongst its members, creating a bond and communication.

5 Uniqueness in dressing

Cultural dressing gives identity to each culture, it makes every one identify with each other within or outside their community.

6 Symbols

each culture has its symbols , known as non verbal communication cues. each culture has diverse symbols called gestures, it is different from one community to the other

7 Norms

norms are formal and non formal rules that govern a society, that determines what kind of behaviour that is acceptable in a society. norms are specific to a culture, period and situation

8 Rituals

each culture has its specific festivals and rituals they perform for every season, this is the way norms and traditions are transmitted from generation to generation.

9 Values

Values makes culture unique and gives judgement of what is god or bad, desirable and non desirable. Values forms norms. the desirable things in one culture is considered bad in another.

10 Culture is transitional

Culture is passed on from generation to generation, once a new child is born, he or she will learn the culture and grows with. this will form the child and will be passed to the unborn generation unconsciously. Culture can be material and nonmaterial.

Material culture

This refers to tangible things created by a particular culture, which now forms part of their physical identity and it is peculiar to them, dressing is of one these cultural peculiarity.

Non-Material Culture

This refers to non-tangible things relating to a particular culture that cannot be felt. these include languages, norms, beliefs, music, and lots more.

Culture has the power to change each personality, shapes and gives us identity, from the moment we are born till we die, culture differentiate us from each other. Culture allows diversity and allows respect each other.

The importance of culture and the beauty in culture differences is presented in video below

Video from YouTube For Alisha Kaushik, explaining the importance of culture..

The United Culture body stated that, the the world consists of, 7 continents, 235 countries, 72 Regions territories and 1000 plus cultures, sub cultures and tribes. There are countless cultures and subcultures in the world: each rich in its own way, with its language and religion, literature, art and music, poetry and philosophy.

Also the United Nations celebrates the world cultural day on May 21 the day is set aside to celebrate the world day of cultural diversity. to acknowledge uniqueness’ in each culture and to bridge the gap in each culture to bring stability and development.

The video below explains more o how to respect each other culture and exploring culture in each continent.

Video from YouTube for speechless, on culture in each continent

Cultural diversity is beneficial to all in different ways:

1. Gives opportunity to different thought and innovations

2 Gives opportunity to solving problems from different angles.

3 It builds a compassionate team

4 It sparks innovation

5 Increase productivity

All around the world, the uniqueness of each culture lies in its food, dressing, norms, food and way of life. All these add values to life and makes the world colourful and beautiful.

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  1. The existence of different Cultures has indeed made the world colourful and beautiful… Great article!

  2. Culture is really playing an important role in beautifying the world. The world would have been so boring with just one culture.

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