10 Pubs to Watch NFL in Dublin (Map)

American Football. Image Credit: NFLUK.com
American Football. Image Credit: NFLUK.com

NFL is always great to watch, if you are into American Football. The 2016-17 regular seasons has four more weeks to go which will be followed by playoffs. It is getting interesting this year as Dallas Cowboys; America’s team have just won 11th game in a row. We have much action to watch to know  who will make to Super bowl, as there are always shocks and surprises in sport.

In you are living in Dublin Ireland, and follow or do not mind to watch NFL; well you really can watch the game in some of the pubs in Dublin. Few pubs in Dublin have started screen NFL,  as the game is gaining popularity in Ireland. It is highly recommended to book a table before you go to secure your seat to watch your favorite team play.



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