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10 of the best Irish Social Media accounts to brighten up your day

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels.

Comedy may not have been delivered in the traditional stand up format this year, but that hasn’t stopped some of Ireland’s best comedians and all round hilarious people from sharing great content on their social media channels.

Social media can sometimes be a toxic place. But doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! As we say goodbye to 2020, what better time is there to look at some of the best funny Irish social media accounts across all platforms. I asked my Instagram and Facebook friends to send me their favourites and the suggestions they sent showcase some of the greatest examples of content producers and comedians in Ireland right now.

This year in particular Irish social media has shown that using sites such as Twitter or posting videos on Instagram, just for laughs, can actually bring out the good and prove the useful side of social media, that many of us seem to have forgotten. So enjoy this list of hilarious Irish comedians and be sure to give them all a follow! 

  1. Jen Hatton (Insta & Twitter) Considering Christmas is exactly a week away, do yourself a favour and follow Jen Hatton for her daily elf on the shelf antics with her special elf, Martiner. Jen is also half of the @theunpopularopinion2020 podcast and does collabs from time to time with the likes of Darren Conway. Check out her ‘Fireworks’ Insta highlights and more for a great laugh.
  1. Giz a Laugh (Insta & TikTok) Enya Martin dishes out some of the best takes on things that we all know and do but we’re just too afraid to admit it. She posts quality sketches regularly on her Insta & TikTok and hilarious tweets and tour dates for her stand up comedy on her Twitter.
  1. Killian Sundermann (Insta & TikTok) Killian’s take on the new Covid-19 5-level plan was the first video of his that I ever watched and ever since then I’ve been hooked. He hit the nail on the head with his take Covid restrictions and the US elections, among other things. Check out his social accounts for some of the most accurate and hilarious takes on 2020 in general.
  1. Darren Conway (Insta & Twitter) Darren Conway is sure to brighten even your dullest of days with his dry sense of humour and brilliant sketch making. Combine that with the great crossovers with other Irish comedy greats such as Jen Hatton and Joseph McGurken and you’re sure to be in for a laugh.

5. Aisling Kearns (Insta & TikTok) Aisling Kearns isn’t just an incredibly talented actor, she also does some of the most accurate Irish mammy impression (IMO) videos that you can find out there. Do yourself a favour and follow her social media now! You won’t be disappointed.
  1. Carl Mullen (Insta & Twitter) 2FM presenter Carl Mullen doesn’t just showcase his (adorably cute) pup Angie on his Instagram, he has also made some absolute tunes over lockdown, often taking songs that we all all know and love and putting his own Covid-19 twist on them. He’s also renowned for setting challenges for himself, like trying to get a Vitamin C tablet into a glass, by throwing it down a set of stairs, which has definitely left people (including me) in suspense for weeks on end. Carl also does storytime Thursdays that’ll be sure to have you in fits of laughter. But mainly just follow him because of Angie, she seems adorable.
  1. Justine Stafford (Insta & Twitter) Most commonly found across the social media accounts of, Justine also regularly appears on The Try Channel, testing some of the world’s most interesting food and drinks. From short sketches to laugh out loud takes on trending issues, Justine is sure to brighten your day. 
  1. Joanne McNally (Insta & Twitter) Standup comedian and sketch writer Joanne McNally posts some of the funniest hot takes going on her Insta stories daily. She also has a new TV special on the RTE Player, written with 2FM’s Doireann Garrihy, that’ll definitely be a gas laugh given the year that 2020 has been. Follow her social accounts for all the latest on tour dates, her Insta stories and more.
  1. Tony Cantwell (Insta) Actor and comedian Tony Cantwell made a great podcast on the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) that you should definitely check out if you can’t wait until next year for another GBBO fix. He also has some great impressions, like  for example his take on the Maria Bailey ‘swing-gate’ situation, be sure to follow him for some guaranteed laughs.
  1. TG4 (Twitter) The social team on TG4’s Twitter (or possibly the intern that is supposedly running the account – see the ‘Is mise intern TG4‘ trend for examples) is always spot on with replies and you don’t even have to understand Irish to know they’re hilarious. Whoever is behind their social accounts deserves a Christmas bonus this year, especially given how bang on their responses have been. Some of their Tweets don’t even need words but still translate.

The Irish comedy scene has brought laughter to us in a different way this year, but the comedians, actors, sketch writers and everyone else in between mentioned above have still delivered, especially during these tough times. Support them not just with a follow, but also be sure to check out their podcasts, Youtube channels and stand up tour dates for 2021 where available, for continued support.

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